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  1. Hi ..I am new to IBM bpm..Could you please explain clearly what si the difference between currentItem and list Selectd Item appearing when we declare a variable of type list

  2. We are currently facing issue in loading a Client Side Human Service Coaches which has around 10-50 Fields which populates data from Drop downs and LOV’s. Currently we are using execute multiple SQL statements service instead of executing single SQL.we are giving all sql statements input to the service so that we would get all queries response at a time on page load. Any suggestions for using Ajax Service resolve the performance issue or any other if any would be great help. IBM BPM Version used – 8.5.7

    • Hi, Aiyaz.

      I forwarded your question to the author, Andy Garratt. He should respond soon.

      All the best, Laura

  3. Hi , Im New to BPM on cloud , do we have access to user activity logs and infra health logs to share with customer ?

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