By Phil Coulthard

It is important to use the right type of process for your requirements. You can determine the right type of process by following these guidelines:

  • For human and case centric processes, use BPMN or business process definitions (BPDs).
  • If you have IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) Advanced, for straight-through processes that contain no human tasks, use BPEL. These processes are more efficient and can use the advanced qualities of services and integration capability.
    • For straight-through processes that do not need to wait on asynchronous services, use BPEL microflows, which are very efficient. The entire process runs in one transaction.
    • For straight-through processes that might span a longer period of time, perhaps because they must wait on an asynchronous response, use BPEL long-running flows. If only a portion of the solution requires long-running processes, separate it into both microflows and long-running processes to maximize the use of microflows. For more information, see Transactional behavior of BPEL processes.
  • If you have only IBM BPM Express or Standard, for straight-through processes use the BPD option (new in V8.5.5) to optimize the process for latency. For more information, see Optimizing BPD execution for latency.

For more information about BPEL microflows versus long-running flows, see the topics BPEL process types and Choosing between a microflow and a long-running process.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: IBM

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