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The process that you are going to create is called the Standard HR Open New Position process. This process covers how to fill a job position by submitting, approving, and routing a job requisition to the Human Resources (HR) department to search for position candidates.

The Standard HR Open New Position process includes the following requirements:

  • The hiring manager must either fill a new position or replace an employee who is departing from an existing position.
  • The hiring manager must determine the position requirements and prepare a position request to be submitted to the HR department. The hiring manager provides the following information in the request:
    • Name of the hiring manager
    • Title of the position
    • Name of the department that requires the position
    • Whether the request is for a new or existing position
    • Whether the job is part-time, full-time, or contract
    • When the position starts
    • Where the position is located

    For an existing position, the hiring manager must provide the following additional information about the person who will be replaced:

    • Given name
    • Family name
    • The person’s manager or supervisor
    • Comments regarding the person
  • The hiring manager reviews and approves the position request before the hiring procedure continues:
    • If the request is to fill an existing position, the hiring manager sends the request directly to HR. When HR receives the request, they search for candidates.
    • If the request is to fill a new position, the hiring manager sends the request to the general manager (GM) for approval.
  • When HR receives the position request, they process it. The tutorial does not provide an implementation of this processing.
  • The GM must evaluate the new position request and either approve or reject it.
    • If the GM approves the request, it then goes to HR so that HR can find candidates.
    • If the GM rejects the request, the hiring manager is notified and the process ends.
    • If the GM does not handle the request by the due date, the GM is notified.

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