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To contain the Standard HR Open New Position process, you create the process application. The process application is stored in the Process Center repository, which you can access from Process Designer.

This lesson uses the following concepts:

Concept Description
process application A container in the Process Center repository that stores process models and supporting implementations. A process application typically includes processes, the services that implement activities and integrate with other systems, and other items required to run the processes. Each process application can include one or more tracks.
Process Center A central repository for all project assets that are created in Process Designer. When multiple Process Designer clients connect to Process Center, users can share items, such as processes and services. Users can also see changes that other users make as they happen.
Process Designer An authoring tool that you use to model and implement your business processes and demonstrate a process design and flow during development.


  1. Using the Process Center URL, open the Process Center. The Process Apps page displays the list of process applications that are available in Process Center. The Hiring Sample (HSS) process application is the one that is shipped with the product. You are creating your own process application for this tutorial.
  2. Click the Create New Process App link on the right panel of Process Center.
    Enter the following information:

    • Process App Name: My Hiring Sample
    • Acronym: MHS
    • Description: Contains the process for filling a position.

    The Create New Process App window with the fields containing the provided text

  3. Click Create. The process application is now in your list of process apps.
  4. To open the My Hiring Sample process application, click Open in Designer. A Process Designer page opens, displaying the Process App Settings.
    The process app settings for My Hiring Sample
    The highlighted blue area in the library shows the process application that you are editing. Notice that this page gives you the opportunity to edit the process application settings, such as the name, acronym, and description. For now, leave the settings as they are and continue modeling the process.


In this lesson, you learned how to create a process application.

In the next lesson, you create a process.

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