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In this lesson, you create the process variables to implement the gateway logic.

The process uses private variables because these variables are used only by this process and possibly passed to linked processes. When you implement the process, you associate these variables with business objects that you will create.

When you create variables, follow these guidelines:

  • Create variable names that begin with a lowercase letter.
  • Capitalize the first letter of a variable type.
  • If the variable name is only one word, spell that word in all lowercase letters.
  • If the variable name consists of more than one word, capitalize the first letter of each subsequent word.
  • Remember that variable names are case sensitive.

This lesson uses the following concepts:

Concept Description
variables Data that provides the business context to a
running process. Using variables, the business process passes data
from one step to another. Private, input, and output are kinds of
private variables Values that the current process or service requires.
input variables Values that pass into the current process or
output variables Values that are passed from a process to a parent
process or service.


  1. Click the Variables tab in the main canvas of the Standard HR Open New Position process.
    This image shows the Variables page.
  2. For a private variable, click its Add button and in the Details section that opens, type currentPosition for the name.
  3. In the same way, add the requisition private variable. As a placeholder for now, leave their types as String. You will update the types after you have created the appropriate business objects. Your private variables match the following image:
    This image shows the Variables page with the candidates variable selected and with a String variable type.
  4. Save your work.
  5. Click the Definition tab in the main canvas of the Standard HR Open New Position process to return to the model.


You added process variables to the Standard HR Open New Position process.

In the next lesson, you conduct Playback Zero.

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