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In this lesson, you create a process for the Standard HR Open New Position process. After you name the process, you model it by defining lanes and teams and then adding flow objects such as activities, events, and gateways.

This lesson uses the following concept:

Concept Description
Process A reusable process diagram or model that defines what is common to all runtime instances of that process model.


  1. Make sure that the My Hiring Sample (MHS) process application is open in the Process Designer.
  2. In the library, click the plus sign next to Processes and select Process.Process option expanded to select Create a new process
  3. Type Standard HR Open New Position and click Finish. The process is created and the process diagram opens showing the following modeling constructs:
    labeled image of the Process Designer UI
    This image shows the initial Process Designer interface when you create a process. Descriptions are provided in the table that follows the image.

    1. Main toolbar – Provides access to Designer, Inspector, and Process Center. The main toolbar is also where you go to save all open editors, take a snapshot, and view web help.
    2. Library – Provides access to the library items for the current process application.
    3. Main canvas – The area in which you can graphically model your process and the other artifacts that you create in the process application. Each process automatically includes a start event and an end event. Two default lanes are included for team and system tasks.
    4. Palette – Provides elements that you can use to model your process.
    5. Properties – Provides the properties of any element that you select in the main canvas.
  4. Open the Overview page, add a description. Click Select for Expose to start and then select All Users.
    Overview page of the process with Expose to start set to All users
  5. Save your changes. If you open the process app settings, the process is now listed as an exposed item.


In this lesson, you learned how to create a process

In the next lesson, you model the process by adding activities and events.

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