IBM Operational Decision Manager
Version: 8.6


aqua-sphere-blue Enhancements Overview 13 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf
aqua-sphere-blue Introducing Decision Service 17 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf

  Installation and Migration

aqua-sphere-blue Installation Enhancements 9 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf
aqua-sphere-blue Migrate a Classic Rule Project to a Decision Service 2 minutes movie

  Decision Server Rules

aqua-sphere-blue Create a Decision Service in Rule Designer 7 minutes movie
aqua-sphere-blue Deploy a Decision Service from Rule Designer 4 minutes movie
aqua-sphere-blue Lab: Synchronize a Decision Service with Decision Center 1.7 MB instructionspdf

  Decision Center

aqua-sphere-blue Deploy a Decision Service from Business Console 4 minutes movie
aqua-sphere-blue Testing in Business Console 8 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf
aqua-sphere-blue Lab: Testing in Business Console 445 KB instructionspdf
aqua-sphere-blue Decision Governance Framework Workflow 9 minutes movie


aqua-sphere-blue z/OS Batch 17 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf
aqua-sphere-blue Share Rules Between Java and PL/I 6 minutes lectureaudio-iconpdf
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