By Paul Pacholski

When you use Advanced Integration services in IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) Advanced, a copy of the EAR file for the implementation of each Advanced Integration service is created for each process app that uses it.

For large implementations, these EAR file copies take a lot of space. To avoid wasting space, deploy that implementation EAR file once as part of one dedicated process app, and have a very small facade Advanced Integration service that invokes the process app. This facade pattern is documented in Implementing the facade pattern using IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5. This IBM developerWorks article also applies to IBM BPM V8.0 through V8.5.5.

This pattern is built into IBM BPM v8.5.6.

Applicable editions: Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: Implementing the facade pattern using IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5

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    5 responses to “Good practice – Use the facade pattern for Advanced Integration services”

    1. Maksim Ombreyt says:

      “This pattern is built into IBM BPM v8.5.6.”
      Can you tell more about this feature, please ?

    2. LauraGardash says:

      Hi, Maksim.

      For more information about this feature, see “Implementing an Advanced Integration service” at


    3. Not- says:

      I have Business process applciation that is facilating Human Task and Integration Application facilating SOA – Service orchestration etc. In addtion Integration Applcation can expose as stand alone service (HTTP Export) for other applciations to integrate. What will be the best pattern in this scenario in terms of performance and traceability?

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