The section on the community focuses on Business Automation Workflow articles. Many of the articles have been migrated from the IBM BPM Developer Center and over time will also have Case articles added. It is designed to supplement the official documentation for

What you can find here

While the type of content you can find here is constantly evolving, generally it will fall into one of the following categories:
* Good Practices and Recommendations
* Upgrades and Migrations
* Tutorials

6 comments on"What you can find in the Workflow Technical Articles section of the Community"

  1. Hi Team,

    I have Created one GS(General System service with input customer id) IN toolkit and created webservice in toolkit itself to expose as WSDL.But when i clicked on WSDL URI it’s giving error 404 Error: SRVE0295E: Error Reported:404

    Can you please help me why this error is coming.

    • Hi there,
      I suggest you post your question on our forum where we have lots of folks ready to help you answer this one.

  2. Hi,

    I have requested for Contributor role to post my UI tookit i under user experience.
    Can you please help me to post it.


    • Hi Atanu,

      I’ve replied to your email. for others, be sure to follow the video here to publish your code asset first. Then we can link to it in the Dev Center.



      • Hi Jim,

        I have added the toolkit by following the video but could not see in the catalog.
        — bpm-ui-ATANU Custom UI Toolkit
        Could you please link that to Dev Center catalog ?

        Atanu Roy

  3. Md. Asadur Rahman January 26, 2017

    Question: Does IBM BPM work with .net platform, specially- ASP.NET MVC?


    Md. Asadur Rahman

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