In this lesson, you test the validation path. Then you take a snapshot of the process.

  1. Open the Create Position Request CSHS client-side human service on the Diagram page.
  2. Take a snapshot of the process application:
    1. In Process Designer, click the Snapshot icon in the main toolbar.
    2. Name the snapshot Playback Three.
    3. For the description, type This is a snapshot of the process application up to Playback Three.
  3. To run an instance of the client-side human service, click the run icon. A browser window opens and displays the create position request coach.
  4. Clear the date in the Starting date field and click Next. The Starting date field is highlighted.
  5. Hover over the error icon in the highlighted field. An error message displays, indicating that you must select a date.

Lesson checkpoint

You conducted Playback Three by testing the validation

In this lesson, you learned

  • How to test the validation script
  • Learn more:

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