By Phil Coulthard

In IBM® Process Center, you can register online process servers and offline process servers. Online process servers are convenient for easily deploying snapshots to them by interactively using the Process Center user interface. However, for security reasons, it is a good practice to register the process server cell that runs your processes in production as an offline process server. By being offline, it prevents developers from being able to access and change the process using Process Designer’s inspector. Furthermore, being offline enables the Process Center and your mission-critical production server to be on different networks.

An acceptable alternative to using an offline Process Server for production is to have a separate Process Center just for online deployment to production. In this scenario, no Process Designer users should be given security permission to access the Process Center.

For information about how to deploy to an offline process server, see Installing snapshots on offline process servers.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: IBM

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