Month: October 2014

  • Toolkit FAQ

    What is a toolkit? Toolkits in WLE/BPM7.x/BPM 8.x enable multiple process applications to share process and services components. Toolkits can also share components with other toolkits. See the diagram below, which outlines these relationships: Where does a toolkit fit into the BPM solution? One major facet of successful BPM development is the concept of the […]

  • Bluemix Workflow Service Samples Added

    We’ve added in a few projects from DevOps Services for the Bluemix Workflow Service. From the Assets library, you’ll see a new icon for Workflow Service. Do you have a sample project on the Workflow Service you’d like to add? Just invite user “Smarter Process Community” to your DevOps Services project. Thanks to John Reynolds, […]

  • New How-to Videos on Case Management and UI in BPM added to the library

    Thanks to Stephen White -one of our Designers- for putting these together. We just added 6 videos to the library Overriding Coach Styles Creating Custom Instance UIs Configuring a Launch UI for Portal Nav Adding a Launch UI for a Case Process Adding an Ad Hoc Activity to a Case Process Tutorial So if you’re […]

  • Are you a Goonie?

    You might have noticed that we have harvested some of the “good stuff” off of various sites to give you one place that aggregates solid, developer-focused information about IBM BPM. But we aren’t perfect, and I’ll bet you know of a great video that we should add to our library. Reminds me of a movie […]

  • The 5 Stages of Organizational Alignment for BPM – by Scott Simmons

    A few years ago, Mike Steele and I wrote an article that humorously compared the Police song “Synchronicity” to BPM adoption. For those of you who do not know the song … the lyrics were “A connecting principle – Linked to the invisible – Almost imperceptible – Something inexpressible” – Rather obscure way to look […]