By Karri Carlson-Neumann

Are you an IT architect or IT specialist who wants to understand, select, and implement the appropriate production topologies for an environment? If so, follow the step-by-step instructions to build those topologies in the appropriate information:

IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.0 Production Topologies – This IBM® Redbook® describes how to build production topologies for IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.0 and is an update of the existing book IBM BPM V7.5 Production Topologies, SG24-7976.

Business Process Management Deployment Guide Using IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 – This IBM Redbook provides an introduction to designing and building IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 environments. It introduces the changes and new features in IBM BPM V8.5 and provides an overview of the basic topology and components. This book also provides an overview of a consolidated migration approach that was introduced in V8.5.

Planning your network deployment environment – This topic specifically refers to the IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 production topology.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: IBM

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