By Phil Coulthard

There are tools in IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) that help you ensure the health of your Business process Modeling Notation (BPMN) processes:

JavaScript loop detector: This tool is in IBM BPM V8.5.5 and available as an interim fix (see APAR JR48395) for V8.0.1.1, V8.0.1.2, and V8.5.0.1. With this tool installed and enabled, the engine identifies what appear to be infinite loops in individual server-side JavaScript steps when you perform playbacks in Process Center. If potential infinite loops are detected, you are given an opportunity to terminate that JavaScript step without having to restart Process Center.

Process monitor: From this page on the Process Admin Console, you can proactively and reactively detect processes and services that are acting errantly. For more information, see Monitoring processes and services in the Process Admin Console for IBM Business Process Manager (BPM).

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: IBM

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