Category: product features

  • How to set up and deploy IBM BPM pattern

    Starting in version 8.5.6, IBM BPM customers are automatically entitled to use an out of the box PureApp pattern. This pattern can dramatically accelerate the creation and management of IBM BPM environments. You don’t have to have a PureApp System to get started using the pattern. So have a look at this new video to […]

  • Action in Context with IBM BPM and Operational Decision Manager

    There’s some great material on how to use our new Decision Server Insights with BPM to create some very powerful solutions. All of this can be found on our companion community, odm/DEV. There’s about a dozen videos, how-tos, and sample code you can find. A great place to get started is a blog post by […]

  • Case Management and IBM BPM

    Starting in IBM BPM Advanced version 8.5.5, you have the ability to define and execute unstructured work using case management-style processing. This capability is especially helpful for knowledge workers who want to take more control over the sequence and timing of tasks. What makes this feature especially powerful is the ability to blend these unstructured […]