By Phil Coulthard

In IBM® Business Process Manager, minimize the extra resources that are needed for multiple system lane transitions.

Each system lane activity is considered a new Event Manager task, which adds a task transition in IBM Process Server. These task transitions are expensive. If your business process definition (BPD) contains multiple system lane service tasks in a row, use one system lane task that wraps the others to minimize the extra resources that these transitions need.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source:  IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 Performance Tuning and Best Practices Redpaper

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    5 responses to “Good practice – Avoid multiple sequential system lane activities”

    1. But avoiding multiple sequential system asks, might lead to reducing the process transparency that we wish to achieve by using bpmn. Plus this would mean, that a process with only systems tasks, should be a process with just one task or not even have a process.

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