By Phil Coulthard

In IBM® Business Process Manager, minimize the extra resources that are needed for multiple system lane transitions.

Each system lane activity is considered a new Event Manager task, which adds a task transition in IBM Process Server. These task transitions are expensive. If your business process definition (BPD) contains multiple system lane service tasks in a row, use one system lane task that wraps the others to minimize the extra resources that these transitions need.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source:  IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 Performance Tuning and Best Practices Redpaper

5 comments on"Good practice – Avoid multiple sequential system lane activities"

  1. Here is an additional article written which explains the sequential system lane tasks.

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  3. But avoiding multiple sequential system asks, might lead to reducing the process transparency that we wish to achieve by using bpmn. Plus this would mean, that a process with only systems tasks, should be a process with just one task or not even have a process.

  4. Is this applicable even when using the option “optimize execution for latency”?

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