By Phil Coulthard

There are a number of XML-based configuration files for IBM™ Business Process Manager that you should never directly edit:

  • 99Local.xml.
  • 00Static.xml
  • 50AppServer.xml
  • 60Database.xml
  • 80EventManager.xml
  • 98Database.xml

To ensure that you do not lose changes when you migrate to a new release, always edit the configuration values in 100Custom.xml instead of editing the configuration values in these files directly.

For detailed information, see The 99Local.xml and 100Custom.xml configuration files.

Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced

Applicable releases: All

Source: IBM

1 comment on"Good practice – Specify configuration values in 100Custom.xml"

  1. There is a set of example configuration files in the 100Custom projct in devOps.

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