Many organizations today are performing highly visible and important business processes on IBM BPM. These processes often need a robust IT infrastructure that his highly available and can recover from disaster situations. IBM BPM supports a variety of replication and recovery approaches which can help customer architects design a Disaster Recovery strategy.

Disaster recovery guidance for IBM Business Process Manager – This article provides an overview of the major principles and approaches available for Disaster Recovery with IBM BPM.

Disaster Recovery in IBM BPM Knowledge Center – Product documentation on Disaster Recovery.

The following articles explain specific approaches to Disaster Recovery in detail:

Asynchronous replication for disaster recovery environments – “Classic” Disaster Recovery

Faster disaster recovery in IBM Business Process Manager – The “Stray Node” approach

Storing transaction and compensation logs in a relational database for high availability and disaster recovery

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    1. […] Thanks to Nguyen-Anh Le for pulling together a concise list of go-to resources for planning your disaster recovery strategy for Smarter Process. Find it in our Docs section here […]

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