Infusing cognitive capabilities provides new actionable insights with business processes. Improving advice to knowledge workers, process automation or making better decisions within a process are fundamental parts of Cognitive Business Operations.

Here are some new articles that describe some of the use cases where we can see benefit and guidance on this topic.

Infusing processes with cognitive capabilities using Watson Developer Services

1. CBO Business Pattern – Better Advice
Capabilities – IBM BPM, Watson Personality Insights
This is an HR scenario where cognitive insight can aid knowledge workers to make better decisions with reduced manual information searches :

2. CBO Business Pattern – Improve Interactions / Better Advice
Capabilities – IBM BPM, Watson Tradeoff Analytics
This is a cross-industry scenario that aids clients making their own decisions via improved interactions or aids employees providing better advice to clients. Examples are
Bank analysts or wealth managers can select the best investment strategy based on performance attributes, risk, and cost.

3. CBO Business Pattern – Improved Interaction
Capabilities – IBM BPM, Watson Dialog Service
This is a cross-industry scenario for providing automated process agents using cognitive dialog/conversation capabilities:

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