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Here is the first stop to look for help on IBM® Maximo® Application Suite.

Welcome to the Support Resources home page for Maximo Application Suite. The links that follow are to pages you might find useful to support your product.

Maximo Application Suite is offered as a customer-managed product on Red Hat® OpenShift®, and also as an IBM Managed service. The support scenarios differ slightly depending on which solution you are subscribing to.
For more information about the Maximo Manage application that is included with Maximo Application Suite, see the IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.6.1.2 documentation.

For support for customer-managed Maximo Asset Management, go to Maximo Asset Management Support Resources (Home)
Click your Maximo Application Suite version to see what resources are available.

General Support Resources
  • IBM Maximo Application Suite system requirements – System requirements and capacity planning resources for Maximo Application Suite, its applications and tools.
  • IBM Support The central location to open and manage cases, download Fixes, and set up Notifications.
  • IBM Support Forums The place to go find the Maximo Application Suite experts. Post questions, search for responses to past inquiries, and post answers to other Maximo users' queries.
  • IBM Maximo Application Suite documentation – The official product documentation for Maximo Application suite, its applications, and tools.
  • IBM Support Phone Numbers
  • IBM Support Guide The IBM Support Guide provides information on the support service offerings provided by IBM, including definitions of programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Passport Advantage Online Passport Advantage Online (PAO) for customers offers authorized users access a secure web experience to manage their Passport Advantage accounts online.
  • IBM Fix Central Fixes and updates for Application Suite can be found at Fix Central.
  • IBM Maximo Application Suite Software Support Lifecycle Policy - Provides content about supported versions, which versions are no longer supported, and when end of support for current versions is announced.

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