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Welcome to the support resources page for Maximo. This is a page dedicated to Maximo support where you can find more information related to Maximo and quickly perform searches on subjects that are commonly asked about by our clients. The links below provide a quick reference areas of the IBM web that support your product. The tabs across the top offer one button searching for commonly requested information.

Links to Support Resources

IBM Support

This is the central location to open and manage Cases, download Fixes and set up Notifications.

IBM Knowledge Center - Maximo Asset Management

The IBM Maximo Information Center (Documentation Central) contains all of the product documentation, including quick start guides, product user guides, release notes, and installation guides.

Product Compatibility Matrix for Maximo

The support compatibility matrix provides information related to your supported products and the supported platforms/compatible products.

Product, Feature Pack, Fix Pack, and Interim Fix Release Notes for Maximo (to be updated)

The Release Notes detail important information, known limitations, new features, and changes to IBM products.

End Of Support Announcements and Supported Version Information for Maximo

The End Of Support (EOS) announcements and supported version information provides content about supported versions, what versions that no longer have support, and when current versions will end support.

IBM Support Phone Numbers

IBM Support Guide

The IBM Support Guide provides information on the support service offerings provided by IBM, including definitions of programs, policies, and procedures.

Passport Advantage Online

Passport Advantage Online provides access to entitled software downloads.

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24 February 2020