Thank you so much for attending the ConnecTechAsia Summit on ‘Shaping Future Societies’ and my keynote session ‘Leadership: from Experimentation to Transformation.’

As I highlighted, economists view competitiveness as vital; empowering businesses to achieve sustainable growth, generate jobs and, ultimately, enhance the welfare of citizens.

Advanced technology infrastructure and availability of new skills – in addition to favourable immigration laws and efficient ways to set up new businesses – were cited as key drivers of Singapore’s position at the top of the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2019.

As we look to the future, organisations will need to continually evolve to drive competitive advantage and play their part in shaping future societies. This means more than just adopting smart technologies. It will mean three things:

1. Embedding digital and AI at scale – to accelerate transformation

2. Adopting technologies that are flexible, open and secure – to support future business needs

3. Ensuring trust – both in technologies and their impact on the world

To help you lead in this next era, please find below some further IBM resources and an invitation to join me at Think Singapore on August 14 where you can hear visionary leaders talk about how they are tackling these big issues and delivering business success!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Transformation: Embedding digital and AI at scale

Embedding digital and AI at scale is an essential requirement for transformation, but easier said than done. The IBM Garage is based on design thinking methodology that allows you identify the opportunities to leverage AI and digital, evaluate business impact and define a starting point for your next stage of transformation. 

Technologies: Flexible, Open and Secure

77% of business globally do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan applied consistently across their enterprise. The IBM Cyber Maturity Resilience Assessment helps you understand your organization's risks and determine its resilience readiness.

Trust: In technologies and their impact

Trust will be the differentiator of our time…the trust that people have in your brand. And a key pillar of trust and responsible stewardship is diversity and inclusion (D&I); essential to competitiveness in the future.

Across the Asia Pacific region, there is still much to do to improve organisational D&I which is why IBM is making its D&I Blueprint available.

If you would like to find out more about the Blueprint please contact


Invitation to Think Singapore

Choosing the right technology to support future business growth is essential to business success. Join us at Think Singapore on August 14 to hear from business leaders and visionaries on how they are leveraging the latest technologies to remain competitive. Also see future technology in action in the fully immersive showcase featuring Cloud, AI, Blockchain, IoT and Quantum computing.