Announcing the new IBM Aspera Enterprise STIG


Securely transfer your data anywhere


Migrate data

Diagram showing Aspera data migration from on premises to cloud, private cloud, or back to on premises

Migrate data

Utilize high-speed transfers for data migration to, from and between on-premises data centers and any major cloud.

Deliver data

Diagram showing Aspera data delivery involving a cloud data center, on-premises location and three users

Deliver data

Deliver and distribute data of any size at maximum speed between systems, employees, customers and partners.

Automate workflows

Diagram showing how Aspera helps automate file-based workflows

Automate workflows

Automate processing required by video and big data workflows, regardless of size, format, or transfer distance.


Diagram showing Aspera collaboration capabilities in a multi-cloud SaaS deployment


Send and share large files and folders stored in on-premises data centers and major clouds.

Sync data

Diagram showing Aspera data synchronization in a mesh deployment

Sync data

Enjoy high-speed backup and replication of big data repositories.


Diagram showing Aspera Streaming Technology


Streaming technology is a revolutionary alternative for error-free transport of large data streams.

File-transfer calculator

Estimate the gains of using Aspera versus TCP.

Calculate your savings

Need a better file transfer solution?

In the time it takes to read this sentence, you could move a 250 MB file from New York to Los Angeles with IBM Aspera¹.

This alternative to FTP server software helps transfer files reliably and more securely. Help eliminate the bottlenecks and risks associated with decades-old FTP technology to move the largest files and data sets at maximum speed.


Tap into an ecosystem of partners and software resellers

IBM’s partner ecosystem is composed of hundreds of industry-leading technology partners that integrate superior transport capabilities into their own offerings.

No matter what your specific data transfer requirements are, IBM Aspera’s international network of expert reselling partners and distributors can provide you the capabilities you need.

AI-powered integrations

Discover IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration

Add IBM Aspera as part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to extend your investment and scale with confidence.


IBM Cloud Pak for Integration includes built-in AI and continuous feedback.


Get API management, application integration, end-to-end security and more.


Varied styles of integration with flexible deployment options using a modular pricing approach.

Let’s discuss your data transfer needs.


¹ Based on IBM Aspera File Transfer Calculator's data for a network bandwidth of 300 Mbps and 1% packet loss.

² This image is an artistic representation and does not reflect actual political or geographical boundaries.