Now available—govern generative AI models built in watsonx.ai and those built on third-party platforms, including Amazon Bedrock, Microsoft Azure and OpenAI

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‘Break open the black box’ with AI governance

IBM® watsonx.governance™ was built to direct, manage and monitor the artificial intelligence (AI) activities of your organization by using IBM watsonx™, one integrated platform, which can be deployed on cloud or on-premises.

  • Use software automation to help improve model deployment and monitoring while eliminating costly and error-prone tasks.
  • Govern generative AI (gen AI) models built in IBM® watsonx.ai™ and those built on third-party platforms, including Amazon Bedrock, Azure and OpenAI.
  • Govern machine learning (ML) models built in third-party tools.
  • Drive transparent model processes and explainable results with factsheets to collect and document model facts, providing a "nutritional label" for AI. 
IBM is named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023.
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The value of building responsible AI Compliance

Manage AI to meet upcoming safety and transparency regulations and policies worldwide—a nutrition label for AI.

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Risk management

Detect and mitigate risks proactively. Monitor fairness, bias, drift and new LLM metrics.

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Lifecycle governance

Manage, monitor and govern AI models from IBM, open-source communities and other model providers.

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Automate the identification of regulatory changes and translation into enforceable policies. Map regulatory requirements to internal risk data by using a single repository to manage regulatory content. Access factsheets—a nutrition label for AI—for an always up-to-date view of model lifecycle metadata in support of requests and audits. See capabilities in action
Risk management
Establish tolerances and alerts, proactively detecting accuracy, performance and new LLM metrics while also mitigating bias and drift. Access automated and scalable governance, risk and compliance tools that cover operational risk, policy management compliance and financial management. Use a single repository to maintain the results of risk assessments, key indicators, issue management and actions plans related to risk management. See capabilities in action
Lifecycle governance
Automate model monitoring, management and documentation across the AI lifecycle for increased scalability and accountability. Use model inventory to organize and track the AI development progress. Enhance stakeholder collaboration and communication by using dynamic user-based dashboards, charts and dimensional reporting. See capabilities in action
Use cases Watsonx.governance can be configured to meet the needs of your organization. Credit risk

Implement fair, transparent approval processes. Monitor with alerts to proactively detect risks and avoid inaccurate, unfair or biased decisions. Automate the capture and documentation of model metadata with factsheets in support credit decisions.  

Customer care

Monitor chats for red flags regarding toxicity, personal information or off-topic conversations and alert when responses are outside of social norms. Support business process outsourcing activities across finance, human resources and procurement with dashboards and customizable workflows.

Supply chain management

Promote transparency and accountability within supply chains. Proactively detect and mitigate any potential bias or errors in the system to optimize logistics, shorten cycles and reduce energy consumption.

Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions managed with watsonx.governance, to better address clients’ needs.
Client stories Businesses are excited about the prospect of driving responsible, ethical decisions across their organization with watsonx.governance. Explore more client stories Tech Mahindra

“When AI becomes pervasive and more progressive, the ability to govern AI becomes imperative for our clients. We understand our clients’ needs in bringing together and managing disparate tools, applications, and workflows, and we feel confident about IBM’s open approach and new watsonx.governance capabilities along with TechM amplifAI offerings will allow us to help them scale and realize the full potential of generative AI within their businesses.”

— Hasit Trivedi, CTO Digital Technologies and Global Head AI, Tech Mahindra


NTT DATA Business Solutions

“As part of our watsonx Center of Excellence initiative at NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are actively implementing generative AI solutions with a number of customers. As part of our current engagements, we are proactively addressing the need for protective barriers to ensure effective governed and ethical use of AI. We look forward to delivering on the promise of responsible AI by leveraging the watsonx.governance capabilities to support both regulatory requirements that have already emerged, as well as fundamental enterprise-wide requirements for an AI lifecycle control.”

— Per Falck Jensen, Vice President, Managing Director, Denmark Head of Sales Nordic Region, NTT DATA Business Solutions


“We are currently leveraging IBM’s AI Governance solution within our Risk Management practice to establish a foundation for trustworthy AI implementation. This comprehensive solution encompasses various aspects of AI governance, including regulatory compliance, risk management, and lifecycle governance. Utilizing watsonx.governance, we are actively engaging customers to adopt a similar approach for generative AI and establish trust and compliance within AI applications.”

— Jacob Bock Axelsen (PhD), CTO, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

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