Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows for both generative AI and machine learning models
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‘Break open the black box’ with AI governance

While not all models are created equal, every model needs governance to drive responsible and ethical decision-making throughout the business. IBM® watsonx.governance™ toolkit for AI governance allows you to direct, manage and monitor your organization’s AI activities. It employs software automation to strengthen your ability to mitigate risks, manage regulatory requirements and address ethical concerns for both generative AI and machine learning (ML) models.

IBM is named a leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide AI Governance Platforms 2023
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The value of building responsible AI Compliance

Manage AI to meet upcoming safety and transparency regulations and policies worldwide—a “nutrition label” for AI.

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Risk management

Proactively detect and mitigate risks. Monitor fairness, bias, drift and new LLM metrics.

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Lifecycle governance

Manage, monitor and govern AI models from IBM, open source communities and other model providers.

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A powerful toolkit for AI governance

Operationalize AI workflows, increase efficiency and accuracy at scale  Access automated and scalable governance, risk and compliance tools that cover operational risk, policy management, compliance, financial management, IT governance and internal or external audits. Proactively detect and mitigate model risks while translating AI regulations into enforceable policies for automatic enforcement.

Track models, drive transparent processes  Monitor, catalog and govern AI models across their lifecycle. Increase predictive accuracy by proactively identifying and mitigating bias, drift and the need for model retraining. 

Capture and document model metadata for effortless report generation  Access factsheets for an always up-to-date view of model lifecycle details for the data scientist and model validators. Model facts drive explainability and provide support for audits and stakeholder or customer requests.

Increase visibility and explainable AI outcomes  Use collaborative tools and dynamic, user-based dashboards, charts and dimensional reporting. Increase visibility into processes and empower teams to explain model results, fostering an environment where compliance becomes a shared organizational responsibility.

Use cases

Optimize profitability  Implement fair, transparent approval processes. Mitigate the risk of potential bias. Provide automated documented model facts to support credit decisions. 

Improve demand forecasting  Increase accuracy and improve process efficiency and productivity over time.

Drive fair hiring practices  Enable fair decision-making, identify and mitigate bias and provide documentation to support audits.

Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions managed with watsonx.governance, to better address clients’ needs.
Client stories Businesses are excited about the prospect of driving responsible, ethical decisions across their organization with watsonx.governance. Explore more client stories Vitruvian Sport Systems

“Vitruvian Sport Systems is reshaping the landscape of youth sports using artificial intelligence to comprehend and augment coaches’ teachings with the Zone360 application. Currently Vitruvian Sports is looking into using watsonx.ai pre-built models, and utilizing watsonx.governance to manage and monitor the models. The Zone 360 application will provide feedback for coaches to review and use to improve their technical language and tone.”

— Matteo Masucci, CEO, Vitruvian Sport Systems


NTT DATA Business Solutions

“As part of our watsonx Center of Excellence initiative at NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are actively implementing generative AI solutions with a number of customers. As part of our current engagements, we are proactively addressing the need for protective barriers to ensure effective governed and ethical use of AI. We look forward to delivering on the promise of responsible AI by leveraging the watsonx.governance capabilities to support both regulatory requirements that have already emerged, as well as fundamental enterprise-wide requirements for an AI lifecycle control.”

— Per Falck Jensen, Vice President, Managing Director, Denmark Head of Sales Nordic Region, NTT DATA Business Solutions

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