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At the forefront of legal knowledge and intelligence distribution in Sweden, Blendow Group has established itself as a pivotal resource for legal news, education, and expert analysis. "Our mission requires us to dissect, summarize, and evaluate a myriad of legal documents, ranging from court rulings to legislation and case law. This massive influx of information, processed by our rather small team, demands a scalable solution," explains Johan Wallquist, Chief Digital Innovation Officer and responsible for all AI initiatives at Blendow Group.

In response to this challenge, Blendow Group collaborated with IBM Client Engineering and NEXER to harness the transformative power of AI in legal analysis. The partnership led to the creation of an innovative AI-driven tool, leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of IBM® watsonx.ai. IBM watsonx.ai is an integrated suite of AI tools designed for secure, collaborative data management and process automation.

The goal of this collaboration was to revolutionize how Blendow Group handles a diverse array of legal documents. Utilizing IBM's technology stack, including IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Container Registry, IBM Cloud, IBM Code Engine, and IBM App ID, the AI solution was tailored to increase the efficiency and breadth of our legal document analysis.

This AI solution excels in navigating a vast array of legal documentation, from detailed court decisions to extensive legal texts and regulations. It enhances research, analysis, and streamlines the process of creating legal content, all while maintaining the utmost confidentiality of sensitive data.

Reflecting on the pilot phase, Johan Wallquist comments, "IBM's professionalism in project and development processes was truly impressive. This solution promises to not only streamline our content preparation process but also significantly enhance our ability to search and analyze a broad spectrum of legal documents."

The pilot demonstrated very promising outcomes, on average, an estimated: 70% reduction in the time required for discovery and analysis of legal documents 80% increase in the coverage of a diverse range of legal texts 90% decrease in the time needed for summarizing and analyzing these documents
We are just at the beginning of this journey. This endeavor with IBM has reinforced our conviction that legal intelligence is on the brink of a transformative era, and Blendow Group is poised to lead this revolution. Johan Wallquist Chief Digital Innovation Officer Blendow Group
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“During this project we have worked closely with IBM’s highly skilled Client Engineering team to rapidly build a solution for client Blendow. In short sprints the team has explored different solutions to the client’s challenges and been able to progress quickly towards the final solution. This project really showcases the power of Generative AI technology and the watsonx platform, and we very much look forward to scale the solution together with Blendow.”

—Beatrice Silow, NEXER Group

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