IBM + MIT Technology Review thank you for sharing the day with us. Together, we examined and discussed the latest developments in AI, cloud, 5G, blockchain, quantum computing, and others. Below we’ve curated a selection of technology demonstrations and toolkits to assist you in taking the next step in unlocking next-wave commercial opportunities of this emerging technology.

Neural Network Synthesizer

Fast-track your development of deep-learning models by using AI to automatically synthesize customized neural networks.  Choose whether to optimize for speed or accuracy, and watch the model build and train itself in real time.

AI Fairness 360 Toolkit

An extensible open source AI Fairness 360 toolkit to help you examine, report, and mitigate discrimination and bias in machine learning models throughout the AI application lifecycle. Containing over 70 fairness metrics and 10 state-of-the-art bias mitigation algorithms across wide domains. Contribute to it to help engender trust in AI.

IBM Watson Assistant – More than a chatbot

IBM Watson® Assistant enables you to create an application that understands multiple languages and responds to customers in human-like conversation. It knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base and when to direct you to a human. Watson Assistant can run on any cloud.

IBM Watson OpenScale – A banking use case

As lenders extend their services to a larger and diverse pool of potential borrowers, they need new approaches to credit risk modelling. This demo shows how IBM Watson OpenScale help lenders avoid black box AI and opaque predictions.


Digitizing the Global Supply Chain. TradeLens is the industry platform that provides a single source of shipping data to entities across global supply chains. Learn how four key features of TradeLens - visibility, documentation, security and blockchain combine to offer powerful new ways for companies to manage supply chain data.

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Automation

Are you ready to run your automation software on any CNCF-certified Kubernetes? You can easily deploy the IBM Cloud Pak™ for Automation so that you are up and running in minutes.

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Applications

Move from monolithic to microservices with DevOps methodologies and modernization toolkits. The IBM Cloud Pak™ for Applications provides a complete and consistent experience to speed up development of applications built for Kubernetes.

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration

Connect your applications and data across multiple clouds. Running on Red Hat® OpenShift®,  IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds.

IBM Q Experience starts here

IBM Q Experience is quantum on the cloud. Accelerate your research and applications with the next generation of the leading quantum cloud services and software platform.

Are your customer digital interactions safe?

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Verify helps companies build digital trust. Enabling seamless customer interactions using adaptive authentication & verification of high-risk digital interactions on external facing applications.

Hyper Protect Virtual Services

Help your developers easily build applications with highly sensitive data. Hyper Protect Services provide built-in data-at-rest and data-in-flight protection to your digital assets.

IBM Services Experts

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