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What is IBM Blueworks Live?

IBM Blueworks Live is a cloud-based platform that transforms the way teams build and refine business processes. It offers a unique, collaborative environment that bridges the gap between process mapping and actionable insights.

With an intuitive, web-based interface, IBM Blueworks Live empowers teams to document, analyze and streamline processes with unprecedented ease and efficiency, with no downloads necessary. It's designed for dynamic collaboration, enabling stakeholders to connect, share insights and drive improvements in real-time, from anywhere.

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Why choose IBM Blueworks Live?

It goes beyond traditional process mapping tools by offering a centralized platform for continuous process optimization. Experience seamless teamwork, clearer insights and more efficient operations, all within a secure and accessible cloud environment.

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Empower your team to document, analyze, and streamline processes with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

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Benefits Document and map processes quickly

Share key details of exisiting or new processes across the organization using shared categorization and unified language.

Collaborate directly

Eliminate silos across the enterprise to document and design better processes.

Optimize business operations

Deepen your understanding of what business outcomes a product will deliver and how those benefits are achieved. 

Features See more features Capturing and processing decisions

Use a collaborative approach for maximum accuracy.

Walking through processes

Keep stakeholders engaged with visual process steps.

Automating simple processes

Disseminate information to best suit your needs.

Pricing plans

Tailor a solution that best fits your needs with IBM Blueworks Live deployment options.

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The full functionality of Blueworks Live is available as an on-demand, cloud-based solution.

Most popular

A dedicated, private service designed for companies that require a single-tenant solution.


A dedicated service for US Federal agencies.

Use Cases

Empower high-quality care Healthcare organizations use IBM Blueworks Live to remove inefficiencies in their processes and improve outcomes for patients. Learn more

Fuel business growth From banking to asset management, financial services firms rely on IBM Blueworks Live to optimize their processes and enhance the customer experience. Learn more
Elevate achievement Schools and universities are using IBM Blueworks Live to standardize student assessment and reporting processes. Learn more

Deliver excellence Consulting services firms use IBM Blueworks Live to build and share business processes with their clients. Learn more

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