Growing alongside a nation

Since 1961, IBM Malaysia has brought next-generation leaders and like-minded enterprises together to problem-solve on local and national levels, from helping doctors develop more comprehensive cancer treatments to accelerating the development of smart cities. We’ve explored the cutting edge of technology to create smarter solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, whether that’s reskilling workforces for a digital future, or preparing undergraduates for an ever-evolving job market. We pledge to continue building a smarter Malaysia together as we chart our systematic path to progress through science, business and society.

IBM Malaysia 1961


Building tomorrow’s smart cities today

Faced with challenges such as traffic congestion and flash floods, Penang Island City Council (MBPP) worked with IBM to make more informed decisions and respond to incidents faster, improving the quality of life while speeding up smart city initiatives.

“Collaborating with IBM has helped us transform Penang's landscape into a smart city, providing higher incomes and a better quality of life.”

- Mayor of City Council of Penang Island, Dato' Ar. Yew Tung Seang

Nurturing workforces for a new digital economy

 As the legal industry was transformed by disruptive technologies, Brickfields Asia College (BAC) worked with IBM to educate students on how AI and blockchain will be integrated in areas such as cyber security and legal ethics, to better prepare them for working in new, technology-focused areas of law.

Reinventing manufacturing through automation

Storage solutions manufacturer SMART Modular Technologies Sdn Bhd (SMART) wanted to leverage new tools and skills to evolve for a rapidly changing technology landscape. The manufacturer collaborated with IBM to upskill workforces and improve and automate factory processes with AI.

“To prepare for Industry 4.0, we tied up with IBM to adopt agile, innovative and game-changing technologies to drive digital transformation.”

 - SMART Global Holdings Executive Vice President, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, Mr Jack Pacheco

Mapping more transparent routes to trade

To combat time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) used a digital trade platform powered by IBM Blockchain for more efficient and transparent information sharing. The organisation now enables thorough fraud and forgery inspection while boosting greater trust across the trading ecosystem.

“By adopting TradeLens, we hope it will enable us to fulfil our mission to facilitate legitimate trade, combat smuggling and modernise national logistics systems.”

 - Director-General of Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Dato’ Sri Abdul Latif bin Abdul Kadir


Building smarter cities for an unpredictable future

For 60 years, IBM and the government of Malaysia have partnered to support the country’s national development goals. In the coming years, tech-enabled governance can transform Malaysian cities into smart, safe and future-ready urban spaces.

Driving a more efficient Malaysia with smarter transportation

By working together with IBM, the Malaysian government can leverage smart technology to build intelligent transport networks that minimise traffic congestion and accelerate progress towards a more efficient nation.

Enabling greater urban resilience to combat natural disasters

By working together with IBM, the Malaysian government can leverage smart technology to build more efficient and adaptable cities of the future to decrease response times and save more lives even amid turbulence.

Bringing banks to customers’ homes

Trend: In a post-pandemic world, people will want the convenience of banking from the comfort of their homes. A 2020 KPMG study indicated that 82% of Malaysians already use the Internet banking functions of their banking service providers. How can banks update their business models to bridge the physical gap?

Solution: IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ will enable banks to securely carry out transactions such as mobile payments in seconds on the cloud, and answer large volumes of customer queries instantly with AI-powered solutions like chatbots and smart searches.

Staying proactive with smart manufacturing

Trend: Faced with unpredictable demand, businesses need sustainable ways to keep retail stores stocked while maintaining production quality. New technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will create capabilities like predictive maintenance and quality, which will help to predict product quality issues or failures before they happen.

Solution: IBM products such as Maximo leverage AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to keep shops and factories connected and replenish high-demand products even before they run out. With predictive maintenance, smart factories will be able to improve the quality of products while meeting increased customer demand.

Delivering personalised healthcare at the click of a button

Trend: Due to the restrictions of social distancing, healthcare systems have adopted new technologies to combat new problems, from reducing the impact of patient surges on medical facilities to caring remotely for patients. Technologies such as AI and the cloud will enable more convenient and accessible forms of healthcare, such as in-home assistants and digital doctor referrals.

Solution: IBM’s range of healthcare solutions empower healthcare providers to deliver better healthcare solutions even remotely, from providing quick and accurate answers to customer queries, to using analytics to monitor and ensure quality of care in hospitals.