IBM Cloud

As the leader of a startup company, do you dream of disruption?

Deliver radical innovation using the power of IBM Cloud. Ideal for propelling startups, cloud services can virtually eliminate resource constraints and connect you with the elements you need to get new products and services into the hands of customers fast.

Solutions - Infrastructure Profile Image

“I need a powerful cloud infrastructure that can grow as quickly as my business.”

Leverage the flexibility, performance and control offered by SoftLayer’s infrastructure as a service.

Icon: Dedicated bare metal servers Dedicated bare metal servers

Dedicated bare metal servers with a range of software and upgrade options.

Icon: Virtual Servers Virtual servers

Configure CPU core count, RAM and storage without any complicated online forms.

Icon: Content Delivery Network Content delivery network

Content on 24 nodes throughout the cloud to keep it closer to end users and minimize data travel.

Icon: Object Storage Object storage

Tag, store, and find data in a robust, infinitely scalable object storage solution with built-in search and CDN integration.

Icon: Security Services Add-on security services

Access multiple options for layered security with self-service access to a range of security services

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Solutions - DevOps Profile Image

“I want to build, deploy and optimize mobile and cloud applications quickly.”

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Adopt DevOps in IBM Bluemix for fast-paced development.

Application Auto-Scaling Auto-scaling

Policy-based automatic increases or decreases of the compute capacity of your application.

Bluemix App user registry

Protect your resource application or develop your client application based on OAuth 2.0.

Icon: Monitoring and analytics

Understand performance and availability to keep your app performing well

Icon: Agile development Track and plan

Adds IBM tooling and service for agile planning and tracking with the cloud platform.

Icon: Deployment automation Delivery pipeline

Single stage Continuous Deployment

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Solutions - SaaS Marketing Profile Image

“I need to develop my customer relationships on a limited marketing budget.”

Use SaaS marketing solutions to understand
and reach your customers.

Icon: Mobile messaging for marketing Mobile messaging for marketing

Modernize the way you communicate with your mobile consumers.

Icon: Customer cross-channel behavior insight Customer cross-channel behavior insight

Learn how your connected customers interact with your brand and emails across channels and devices.

Icon: Digital marketing and messaging Digital marketing and messaging

Combines personalization, analytics and execution for a robust digital marketing cloud solution.

Icon: Email marketing optimization Email marketing optimization

Leverage email marketing solutions for optimized customer engagement.

Icon: Social media channel analysis Social media channel analysis

Analyze ROI from social media channels and campaigns.

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Solutions - Online Business Profile Image

“I want to build an
online business.”

Use e-commerce tools to establish an online presence
and understand your customers.

Icon: e-Commerce on cloud e-Commerce on cloud

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with cloud-based omni-channel commerce.

Icon: Email marketing optimization Email marketing optimization

Leverage email marketing solutions for optimized customer engagement.

Icon: Social media data analytics Social media data analytics

Analyze social media data to improve business outcomes.

Icon: Website content recommendations Website content recommendations

Increase visitor engagement, conversions and retention through targeted content recommendations.

Icon: Targeted website display ads Targeted website display ads

Enable delivery of relevant display ads and increase visitor reacquisition.

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Solutions - Social Business Profile Image

“I want to access social business technologies to
work smarter.”

Take advantage of a socially connected world to better serve customers and engage employees.

Icon: Social business collaboration Social business collaboration

Social collaboration platform, native mobile applications, enterprise meetings, mail and document editors and more.

Icon: Personalized task lists and collaborative decision making Personalized task lists and collaborative decision making

Provides mobile access to personalized task lists and collaborative decision-making.

Icon: Employee recruitment and retention Employee recruitment and retention

Improve human capital management with a comprehensive suite of employee lifecycle services and web-based technology systems.

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