Learn how to deploy the open source LAMP stack on a Linux virtual server with Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting. LAMP is a simple, yet powerful, open source platform for creating and running dynamic websites and applications. The Terraform open source tool enables you to build, change and version infrastructure for your LAMP stack safely and efficiently.

This tutorial uses the following IBM Cloud™ services:

Estimated time: 60 minutes

Number of steps: 26

Process diagram

What you'll accomplish

In this project, you will: 

  • Use a sample Terraform configuration to provision a LAMP server, including Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP scripting
  • Update the configuration to add the IBM Cloud Object Storage service and scale the resources to tune the environment—adding CPU cores and increasing RAM and disk size
  • Practice deleting the resources created by the configuration

What you’ll need before starting

  • Gain network permission to add a public and private network uplink
  • Access an API key
  • Create an IBM Cloud account (optional)

Deploy a LAMP stack using Terraform

Gain hands-on experience using Terraform to provision a LAMP stack, including a Linux virtual server with Apache web server, MySQL and PHP.

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