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At IBM Space, we believe in innovation that matters: that means building groundbreaking technology that drives success on the final frontier–and also improves life for the rest of us on Earth. After partnering with NASA 50 years ago to land the first humans on the moon, today IBM is fueling the next era of space exploration, with a renewed focus on humanity and sustainability.

By uniting technology, strategy and services through the lens of space, our team solves complex, off-world challenges for clients and partners in the rapidly growing NewSpace Ecosystem.

Let’s build the future of space, together.


IBM and NASA open source the largest geospatial AI foundation model
A new AI model could help us track and adapt to climate change

Earth’s climate is changing. IBM’s new geospatial foundation model could help our planet track and adapt to a new landscape.


Multiply the power of AI with our next-generation data platform
Connect the right data to the right people at the right time

Predict outcomes faster using a platform built with data fabric architecture. Collect, organize and analyze data, no matter where it resides.

Automate work and accelerate business growth

Faster processes and shorter client wait times – that's the brilliance of AI-powered automation.

Build apps fast, run them anywhere

Deploy and run apps consistently across environments from any cloud vendor.

Get the most value from your enterprise assets

Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability in a single platform.

Enhance your security posture

Use AI to rapidly investigate and prioritize high-fidelity security alerts based on credibility, relevance and severity.

Case studies Edge computing in space

Edge computing in space allows data to be analyzed closer to its origin for better efficiency and faster insight. See how NASA is using IBM Edge.

A new era in space travel

CIMON, the AI-powered robot, launches a new era in space travel.

Insights The Apollo Missions

Landing the first two astronauts on the moon in July of 1969 ranks as one of the great engineering achievements in human history.

Our history in space
The engineer behind IBM Space

Learn about Naeem Altaf and his vision for IBM Space.

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Technologies at the edge of space

The space economy is expanding, and no one wants to be left behind. Learn how exponential technologies are laying the groundwork for the next generation of space exploration.

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The future of space exploration

Apollo 11 landed on the moon 50 years ago. Here's how space exploration is expected to change in the near future.

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Space-based computing

Learn how in-space data processing allows for quicker analysis and action.

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Democratizing access to space

IBM Space will be launching its first CubeSat space mission, ENDURANCE, giving students across the world access to space.

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Satellites and Edge computing

Powerful edge computing can provide quick and valuable insights from the vast quantities of data collected by satellites.

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