Success story

CMC Electronics

CMC revamps flight management systems by building a dynamic development process with IBM continuous engineering solutions that adapt to changing needs and regulations.

Greater traceability helps facilitate compliance, eliminate defects, and deliver quality products.

Claude Provençal, Program Manager SFM, CMC Electronics

Work safe. Work smart.

Real-time worker insights help ensure the safety of worksites and employees.

Drive real-world value with AI-ready technology

The most critical functions within the aerospace & defense industry demand accurate knowledge at every interaction. AI-enabled technologies deliver the expertise needed to turn impossible tasks into intuitive conversations.

80 percent

The most essential business insights can be found in data, yet 80% of the world’s data is unstructured.*


Optimize your supply chain

Enable end-to-end visibility and transparency to increase efficiencies with blockchain and AI.

Maximize your throughput

Combine the leading EAM solution with the power of IoT to gain real-time visibility into operations.

Deliver new capabilities

Build smart, connected systems for the aerospace & defense industry to help improve results.

IBM Technology


Safeguard your connected operations with security solutions to harden defenses, prevent attacks, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risk.


Blockchain provides a secure digital ecosystem for the aerospace & defense industry to track parts and materials to know their origin.


Create a high-performing simulation infrastructure for design and testing and easily integrate emerging technologies with IBM Cloud™.

Trends and news

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Bombardier is working to improve productivity, reduce costs and grow earnings.

Exploring quantum computing use cases

Quantum computing can help redefine manufacturing by developing product and service breakthroughs.

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SOURCE:, March 2020