The next frontier for the aerospace and defense industry

The global aerospace and defense industry has not escaped the challenges caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. With markets under pressure, new priorities and increased customer expectations, the industry needs to adjust to a new and rapidly changing reality. To thrive beyond the immediate horizon, a transformation is needed.

To fuel a major shift in the industry, investing in the latest digital technologies is key. It requires the expansion of collaboration of the ecosystem through platforms, improving the supply chain by using untapped data and optimizing growth with aftermarket digital services.

Since the dawn of the Space Age and the birth of NASA, IBM has been at the forefront of research and technology innovation, partnering with commercial aerospace and defense companies. Take advantage of our deep industry experience and let us help you apply the new exponential technologies including AI, hybrid cloud and blockchain so your organization can lead the aerospace and defense industry into the future.


Open source in outer space

See how service providers are using new open-source projects to improve communication between satellites.

The promise of quantum computing

Deliver the advanced computation and communication at the heart of aerospace innovation in defense technology and the aerospace sector.

Developing safety-critical software for aviation

Design and build general aviation safety-critical systems with robust methods and collaborative platforms.

Explore the aerospace and defense industry solutions from IBM that can help innovate and make commercial aircraft and defense equipment more efficient.