Harness your data to achieve new levels of insight

Connect everything — aircraft, engines, systems, machines, equipment and people — to uncover new revenue streams, faster business outcomes, competitive advantage and improved profitability.


Fast, streamlined, compliant development of next-generation flight management systems

CMC designed a new development process based on IBM continuous engineering solutions. To test it, CMC ran a pilot with two projects – one using the new approach, and the other using legacy tools.


Aligning information and facility management systems across Europe

Working with IBM, Airbus deployed scalable transnational processes and an enterprise-wide facility management information system built on IBM TRIRIGA software.

CUSTOMER STORY: Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Reducing report times from days to hours with IBM Rational software

Bernadette Saysette, supervisor of engineering tools at Crane Aerospace & Electronics, explains how IBM Rational software enhances collaboration among development teams and automates application development, testing and reporting.

Welcome to the new industrial revolution

Prevent problems and optimize uptime with the power of Industry 4.0 and IBM.


Predict the future and plan for the unexpected

IBM Predictive Quality Maintenance helps you spot problems before they happen. So instead of reacting to asset failure, you can plan for it.


Smarter aerospace services based on intelligent insights

Go beyond predictive analytics and connect data from all Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to improve operations and drive savings.


Connecting the IoT in aftermarket operations

Aftermarket IoT adopters can link machinery with human decision-making to boost revenue and shape the future of the A&D industry.

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