The latest results from the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards are in.

Thank you to our clients for providing feedback on the value of IBM products and solutions. Your experiences continue to shape product roadmaps and your reviews inspire confidence. Client feedback provides much-needed assurance to prospective buyers that a given product will actually solve their problem, relaying both the pros and cons as crucial key insights. Along with price transparency and free demos or trials, awards like TrustRadius Top Rated are essential for IBM to communicate its differentiators to prospective and existing customers.

About the TrustRadius Top Rated Awards

The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards provide unbiased, industry-wide recognition for B2B technology products based on customer sentiment. The TrustRadius Top Rated Awards consist of three key criteria:

  • Recency: Products must have 10+ new or updated reviews in the past 12 months.
  • Relevancy: Products must receive at least 1.5% of the traffic volume in that category.
  • Rating: Products must have at least four stars with a trScore of 7.5 or higher.

Recognized IBM products

The IBM products below have won awards for all three categories:

Client feedback

Some insights from clients’ feedback:

“Confidence is what IBM Process Mining makes us feel; the service is excellent, and it saves a lot of time and money. It has good customer service that responds quickly to any concerns.”Team Lead, IT&S, 10,001+ employees

IBM Watson Assistant has helped us create intuitive and cognitive assistants to help address major business problems, including self-service, allowing our customers to answer over 50% of questions they have by themselves and through virtual assistants.”Lead Data and AI Architect (IT&S, 11-50 employees)

IBM Security MaaS360 provides comprehensive protection covering devices, application, and data. The platform’s artificial intelligence-driven threat detection process continuously adapts to evolving threats.”Employee in IT, Hospital & Health Care, 51-200 employees

“Assets are being managed through IBM Maximo. The planning of preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance, manpower, and services to execute this maintenance is being managed through Maximo very easily.”Manager in Engineering, Aviation & Aerospace, 10,001+ employees

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You can read about the TrustRadius rules of engagement here.

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