Dynamic travel technology solutions

With the power of the latest technology travel platform, IBM is helping industry leaders build a stronger tomorrow and was recognized as 2018’s and 2019's World’s Leading AI Travel Technology Provider.

Solution areas

Customer experience

Leverage travel technology solutions that enhance a passenger’s journey to elevate personalization.

Asset maintenance

Provide employees better insight into availableassets, their statuses and more.

Operations optimization

Increase efficiency with technology that works smarter for the employee and for collaboration.

Success stories

American Airlines

The route to customer experience transformation is through the cloud.


Improving all aspects of air travel to elevate the passenger experience.

Port of Rotterdam

Size meets efficiency when the largest European port becomes the smartest.

Expert insights

Travel can be a complicated and stressful event for all involved. IBM Global Travel & Transportation Industries Global Managing Director Dee Waddell discusses how he's working with global airlines on infusing AI, mobile, and cloud to bring teams together and improve operations.

IBM Technology

Scalable, dependable networks can transform your travel and transportation operations and support innovative experiences.

Artificial intelligence

Equip travelers with personalized, needs-based information fueled by IBM Watson®.

Internet of Things

Keep systems and operations running smoothly on a seamless, connected IoT platform.


Improve efficiency and transparency by simplifying processes with blockchain.


Optimize your travel and transportation business with secure data on the IBM Cloud™.

Trends and news

Major carriers join shipping platform

TradeLens expands its blockchain-enabled digital shipping platform with two new carriers.

The next generation of travel

Offering unique travel experiences built on trust and simplicity with blockchain.

Global Industry Agenda

How can travel industry leaders seize opportunities today to win tomorrow?

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*Source: IBM, "Expedited delivery: How transportation companies can thrive with blockchain." 2018