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How to drive profits and long-term growth 

Today’s travel and transportation organizations have a tall order. While aiming to provide a seamless customer experience, they must also drive short-term recovery of revenue, improve operations efficiency and achieve business agility. All this while facing challenges like staff shortages, increased fuel prices and business travel’s uncertain future.  
In order to succeed, organizations need a partner that brings together leading technology and deep travel and transportation industry expertise. To drive profitability and long-term growth, this partnership should integrate the complexities of technology and the ever-evolving habits of people. IBM industry solutions works alongside companies like Apple, AWS and Amadeus (links reside outside ibm.com) to help travel and transportation organizations transform business.

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Deliver a frictionless customer experience with AI, automation, cloud and mobile solutions. See customer experience solutions
Revenue Growth

Use AI and machine learning solutions, like IBM Personalized Pricing and Offers to stimulate demand and drive short-term revenue recovery.

Operations efficiency

With AI technology, make better decisions on ops resource deployment, resolve ITOps faster and empower staff to drive operational KPIs and reduce costs.


Cloud transformation and modernization changes thinking, working and partnering, allowing organizations to innovate rapidly and at scale, increase speed to market and leverage new technologies to drive long-term growth.

Asset maintenance

AI-based predictive maintenance solutions go beyond time-scheduled maintenance to condition-based action. They can predict the likelihood of future failures, improve asset reliability and enable cost reduction.

Supply chain optimization

Cloud and AI-based supply chain management solutions enables logistics companies to keep the supply chain moving smoothly.

Case studies Lufthansa

How the airline improved flight operations efficiency and reduced delay-related costs with help from IBM and Apple

Etihad Airways

The quick launch of a new web check-in solutions provide a frictionless experience

Malaysia Airlines

An AI-based email campaign offering personalized flight recommendation boosts bookings by 34%

Delta Air Lines

A switch to hybrid cloud architecture drives digital presence and enhances customer and employee experience


With updated, sustainable asset management, trains keep passengers moving safely, reliably and comfortably

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IBV Study: Data sharing across transport ecosystems

Simplifying the supply chain can improve the customer experience and deliver a competitive advantage.

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IBM Delivers a Holistic Solution for the Airline Digitalization Journey  

Travel companies have realized their future success depends on their ability to work effectively as members of the digital travel ecosystem.

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