SIBOS 2019

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Reinventing Financial Services

See how leaders of top banks and insurance companies are innovating at scale.

Insights on Banking

Customer stories

IBM has a long history of working with the top financial institutions around the world. See how our deep industry and technical expertise has made IBM the strategic partner building customer centric experiences in banking.

Royal Bank of Scotland created a virtual agent that can handle over 1,000 questions a day
“Cora transforms the service we give to our customers. It makes it effortless.”
—Jane Howard, Managing Director, Branch and Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

Moving towards an agile and mobile future, built on the cloud
Dutch bank ABN AMRO Bank N.V. sees a seismic digital shift in the banking industry and is making investments to keep ahead. That future centers around analytics, cognitive computing and mobile technology.

Building a customer-centric business model
With online and mobile banking surging in popularity in Brazil, Banco Bradesco modernized their core systems to support growth in online and mobile transactions, while preserving exceptional reliability.


How Promontory and IBM are reshaping financial services through AI

IBM and Promontory are at the forefront of a technological revolution in the financial services industry.

Fostering the financial technology infrastructure of tomorrow

To the untrained eye, the infrastructure of the world’s financial institutions is a snarled web of systems hampered by constraints. We're changing that.

On credit-augmented market risk analysis

How can risk managers, treasury and ALM teams consistently act upon insights they can gain from integrated market and credit risk analysis?

Solution finder

Core banking technology

To reduce costs and accelerate innovation, banks need to bridge on-premises infrastructure with private and public clouds. The average bank has over 500 cloud-based services and applications. Banks are learning how to develop, test and deploy cloud services and applications in a multi- vendor, multi-cloud environment.

Modernize and innovate

IBM Cloud for VMware helps banks and financial organizations cut costs and scale infrastructure to run virtualized workloads in cloud.

Dream payments client case study

Maintain privacy, security and regulatory compliance required for banks.

Innovate with secure cloud

General Manager of IBM Z Ross Mauri reveals the IBM z14 single frame. The new z14 pervasively encrypts 100% of application, cloud service and database data. Find out more.

Do more with data

IBM Cloud Object Storage provides a secure and easy way to scale storage and maintain always-on availability

Succeed in a data-driven future

Act fast on services and transactions and data that customers create.

Cloud object storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage is the solution for vast amounts of new data sources and types.  See how flexible storage enables rapid change.

Your choice, your data

Extend systems with cloud and new technologies to create innovative apps and services – and keep your business secure and compliant. See how IBM Cloud for VMware securely manages mobile payment transactions.

Secure and manage

IBM security solutions help banks and financial institutions make their architecture more agile, compliant and security-rich.

From selective encryption to pervasive encryption

Read the blog to learn how IBM Z protects data just one click.
Written by: Ian Hurst

Five things you can do to protect against loss

Firms monitored by IBM X-Force® had 48% fewer security incidents.

Z defines security

IBM Z helps banks move faster to meet customer needs and deliver products to market quickly through machine learning. Z leads the industry in record up-time with 99.999% availability. Learn how IBM Z can be your secure vault.

Front office technology

Front office banking is leading modernization of the financial services industry. Build deeper customer relationships and personalized digital experiences with AI, while lowering operating costs and boosting return on investment.

Personalize engagement

Provide customers personalized and specific answers delivered in human-like conversations 24 hours a day.

Transform customer engagement

Transform customer engagement with virtual agents.
Written by: S. Yousef Hashimi

Build a better bot for better loyalty

One of the biggest weapons in a banks arsenal is the chatbot.

AI case study

Raising Cora: Engineers build the AI, but a team at Royal Bank of Scotland brings their digital assistant to life. Together they’re putting smart to work.

Transform banking channels

Digital technologies are changing how banking is done. Banks must transform channels and customer interacts, or risk being left behind.

Watson Customer Insights transforms customer service

Read the case study to learn how a large global bank turns data into deeper insights.

payment fraud prevention software

Branch transformation is arguably the rewarding project a bank can undertake.

Deepen relationships

Learn how to build deeper customer relationships and personalized digital experiences with AI, while lowering operating costs and boosting return on investment.

Payments and transactions

Banking regulations, emerging schemes and digital-savvy consumers drive the need for a fast, secure payment hub supporting all channels. Banks must balance operational efficiency and innovation to spur growth and lower operating costs

Faster, safer payments

Deliver instant payment processing with agility, speed and security
Simplify processes, lower operating costs and enable quicker time to market.

Real-time payment services

Modernize payment operations by radically simplifying processes and cutting costs.

Real-time fraudulent payment prevention

Provide fraud prevention in any cashless payment system, through any channel.

Deepen relationships

See how Financial Transaction Manager for Immediate Payments delivers a payments solution designed to comply with The Clearing House real-time payments scheme

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