Saudi Payments, IBM and MasterCard launch first instant payments system

Meet ‘sarie,’ the first instant payment system developed in record time by IBM in collaboration with a central bank to achieve 70% cashless transactions by 2030.

Technology in financial services

The arrival of fintechs and crypto currencies stressed traditional business models and profit margins for many financial services firms. These firms need to modernize to stay relevant and competitive. Rapidly changing customer needs, regulatory requirements and cybersecurity risks on a reduced cost envelope requires these firms to embrace ecosystem partnerships and new business models that leverage AI, data and cloud.

IBM has been a trusted partner in the financial services industry for decades with ties to fintechs and clearing and settlement partners. IBM can help you redefine customer centricity, provide more cost-effective and innovative digital payment platforms and optimize new revenue streams, all with secured risk management and regulatory compliance.

Financial services IT solutions case studies

NatWest Group

Helps simplify the process of purchasing a new home through digital transformation. 


Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by embarking on a digital transformation with IBM.

State Bank of India

Expands its global economic presence and streamlines its business with an intelligent platform that puts customers first.

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