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Transform your agency with generative AI

Learn how your agency can harness the power of generative AI to modernize applications and enhance citizen services

AI—and generative AI, in particular—has tremendous potential to transform society as we know it. However, AI’s value is not limited to advances in industry and consumer products alone. When implemented in a responsible way, AI has the power to usher in a new era of government services—empowering citizens, improving workforce efficiency and reducing operational costs by supercharging digital and application modernization.

Read about how generative AI can help your agency with the following AI for federal agency guidebooks:

Enhancing Citizen Services for agencies Application Modernization for agencies

Transform programs and optimize operations


IBM and our ecosystem of business partners help drive digital transformation of government by building and orchestrating open, secured hybrid cloud environments, improving data integration and developing responsible and trustworthy AI.


Put AI to work

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IBM technology solutions for government

IBM consulting solutions for government

Technology solutions and consulting services

Explore our next generation AI and data platform, designed to help you train, tune, deploy and scale the impact of AI across your agency
IBM Consulting

Deliver more seamless government services and bring speed and scale to innovation.

Defense and intelligence

Achieve mission outcomes with industry-leading AI and automation, built on an open, secured hybrid cloud platform.


Accelerate zero-trust and enhance cybersecurity to protect data and remote users; predict, prevent and respond to modern threats; and better address risk and compliance.

Conversational AI

Improve citizenship experience with AI-powered chatbots for 24/7 support.


Modernize IT infrastructure to an open, secured hybrid cloud model to enable AI and automation at scale that can quickly adapt to change while eliminating downtime.

Data fabric

Automate data discovery, governance and consumption, through integrated end-to-end data management capabilities with data fabric.

Case studies Internal Revenue Service

IT modernization enabled by AI to improve speed and quality of your processes.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Programs that reduce administrative burden and increase time to value while maintaining integrity of security systems.

Department of Education

Consolidated data, open, hybrid cloud technologies, modernized operations and reduced complexity.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

More efficiently uncovering and analyzing relevant data to create more time for strategic, value-added tasks.

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Mobilizing cloud computing for public service

Learn about how secured and scalable cloud solutions can help transform how government gets work done.


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Develop responsible AI

When ethically designed and responsibly brought to market, AI capabilities support unprecedented opportunities to benefit government, business and society.

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IBM blog for government  

Announcements, news and stories of how IBM and its business partners are helping to drive the digital transformation of government.

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An ecosystem approach to working with the federal government  

IBM has a network of strong strategic partners enabled by technology and a commitment to results.

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IBM Center for The Business of Government  

New research and approaches to improving the effectiveness of government.

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