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Are you leveraging your data and climbing the ladder to AI? Take the IBM AI Military Readiness Assessment. In less than two minutes you’ll get a personalized report on how your agency compares to others and what you can do to boost readiness with AI.

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Defense and National Security

Arming our armed forces and intelligence professionals with the power of AI through the cloud.


Keeping your agency ahead of the next attack—before it happens.


Modernize IT systems and fuel innovation in the federal government.

An App for Veterans Mental Health

Veterans can feel depressed and disoriented or suffer from PTSD and suicide among former military is sadly on the rise. IBM is working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop Get Results in Transition (GRIT), an AI-driven platform that provides resources from how to apply for benefits to how to write a resume.

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AI is transforming readiness and the way Marines deploy

Marine commanders are using a force management tool that makes planning drastically faster--and more effective.

How IBM’s Watson is helping the Army streamline cargo delivery

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority used AI to improve the process of transporting crucial military cargo—saving money, time, and, most importantly, soldiers’ lives.


Data & Defense: How to Boost Readiness

Data-driven decisions have national security implications. They impact how we live and work. They impact readiness for organizations in the field. But as data increases in size and complexity, the challenges for government have also increased. IBM partnered with Govloop to survey defense and intelligence professionals on how they manage data—and the barriers to adopting AI.

The Government AI Toolkit: Take Action

The possibilities for the machine-augmented future are endless—but while AI has become ubiquitous in the commercial world, its adoption in government has been slow. This toolkit will help agencies identify the necessary steps to embark on an AI journey—and provide tips for government innovators to easily progress from crawling and walking to the running stage with the technology.

Creating the Workplace of the Future with IoT

New tools are transforming the way we work, especially inside the office. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are already changing the way agencies operate, from the implementation of smart devices to virtual meeting tools to cloud. This article will explore the many opportunities around IoT and AI that exist and how you can start building the workplace of the future, today.

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