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You’ve got a mission: to serve the American public. We’ve got the technology, tools, and talent to help you do it. The name of the game is implementing federal mandates, meeting growing demands, improving services, and accelerating digital transformation.  Whether you’re leading a project, or even an entire agency, you’ll want to leverage ideas and lessons learned from the federal government’s movers and shakers. We recently hosted the government’s best and brightest at ThinkGov 2018. From defense to cyber to cloud, If you missed it, catch up on content now.


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National security & intelligence

Arming our armed forces and intelligence professionals with the power of AI through the cloud.


Keeping your agency ahead of the next attack—before it happens.


Modernize IT systems and fuel innovation in the federal government.

Digital reinvention

Designing a modern government where the digital meets the physical.

Case study: How IBM’s Watson is helping the Army streamline cargo delivery

The Army Airlift Clearance Authority used AI to improve the process of transporting crucial military cargo—saving money, time, and, most importantly, soldiers’ lives.

AI is needed to bridge the intelligence gap: Jason Matheny, Director IARPA

We’re combining the power of Bluewolf, IBM, and Salesforce to digitally reinvent government now

How blockchain technology can improve performance and trust in government

Learn how AI could help prepare US federal agencies for real-world cyber attacks

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