Racing toward a digital future

Automotive technology solutions are accelerating the pace of change in the industry. Focus is shifting from what types of vehicles to produce to innovative driver experiences.

fifty percent

Digital reinvention is key for success and even survival according to 50% of automotive executives.

forty eight percent

Brand doesn’t matter but cost and convenience do to 48% of consumers in a mobility-as-a-service paradigm.

Automotive Digital Workshop

Join us on Wednesday, 22 April at 10:00 AM EST for an interactive, virtual workshop focused on how AI and analytics can be applied to the automotive industry.


Smarter vehicles

Accelerate change to smarter vehicles of the future with AI and IoT.


Transform and modernize to support your evolving business.

Power a smart factory

Improve all areas of automotive manufacturing with Industry 4.0.

Success stories

Honda (R&D)

Designs better, safer, more personalized automobiles with big data analytics.


Fine-tunes sustainable manufacturing by using smarter finances to drive eco-friendly e-mobility.

Red Bull Racing

Is ready on race day by transforming data into a competitive advantage.


Creates super-efficient business processes to support continued success.

IBM Technology


Empower customers, deliver connected, engaging experiences, and keep data secure with IBM scalable cloud solutions.

Artificial intelligence

IBM Watson® helps enhance in-car services with virtual assistants and personalized experiences, building customer loyalty.


IBM Blockchain helps reduce fraud, build trust in your supply chain, and boost productivity with a secure digital ecosystem.


Reduce risk and build brand loyalty by protecting your data and operations with dynamic solutions from IBM Security.

Trends and news

Quantum computing and next-gen batteries

IBM and Daimler AG are using quantum computing to design and develop the next-gen lithium battery.

The Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

RSBN is committed to advancing the ethical sourcing of minerals for EV batteries.

Privacy and connected cars

Cybersecurity for data generated by cars is playing an important role in purchase decisions.

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*Source: ¹ IBM Institute for Business Value, "Driving digital destiny." September 2017