Shifting what’s possible in automotive

The age of the intelligent vehicle is here. IBM can help you create an immersive, connected experience for drivers with cognitive manufacturing that predicts and averts disruptions to your production line and supply chain.

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Leveraging connected vehicle data through the Internet of Things (IoT) is already shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Digital Business Models & Services

Discover new opportunities with a cognitive Internet of Things.

IoT for Automotive

Leverage the cognitive IoT in the automotive industry.

Vehicle Security

Create secure vehicle connections.

Take a proactive approach to managing your processes, from managing risk to creating a more efficient operation.

Continuous Engineering

Create a system around your people, processes and information.

Smarter Planning & Operations

Take an analytics-driven approach to manufacturing.

Product Quality & Asset Optimization

Predict and prevent problems before they happen.

Digital Supply Chain

Transform business models with the IoT platform.

Stay competitive in the automotive industry by gaining a deeper understanding of your customer and how to engage them in meaningful ways.

Consumer Intelligence & Engagement

Understand your customer with deeper consumer intelligence.

Smarter Automotive Commerce

Engage your customers 1-on-1.

Volvo achieves better processes with predictive maintenance

"We have traditionally been very good in reactive reporting. Now, the big area that has been the trigger for analytics has been within the predictive maintenance area."

—Peter Wallin, BI Solution Architect, Volvo Group

Welcome to the new industrial revolution

Prevent problems and optimize uptime with the power of Industry 4.0 and IBM.


A new relationship — people and cars

Contrary to popular opinion, consumer interest in cars is on the rise. Our recent survey results show that in the next decade, consumers worldwide will engage with cars – and cars with people – in new ways.


Automotive 2025: Industry without borders

IBM’s newest study shows that leading into 2025, dynamics of the consumer-vehicle-enterprise relationship are starting to change drastically as traditional industry boundaries disappear.


Cognitive effect on automotive

This blog post explores how auto industry executives are increasingly turning to cognitive computing to achieve greater connectivity for drivers, manufacturers and service providers.


Driving digital destiny

The automotive industry is transitioning from a vehicle-centric to customer-centric view. This reinvention requires auto organizations to establish new focus, new expertise and new ways of working.

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