think 2018

Discover what the world of automotive is thinking at Think 2018, March 19 - 22. Join key leaders as they share the innovations that are changing the way we work, play and move.

Shifting what’s possible in automotive

The age of the intelligent vehicle is here. IBM can help you create an immersive, connected experience for drivers with cognitive manufacturing that predicts and averts disruptions to your production line and supply chain.

Connected Vehicle

Leveraging connected vehicle data through the Internet of Things (IoT) is already shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Digital Business Models & Services

Discover new opportunities with a cognitive Internet of Things.

IoT for Automotive

Leverage the cognitive IoT in the automotive industry.

Vehicle Security

Create secure vehicle connections.

Industry 4.0

Take a proactive approach to managing your processes, from managing risk to creating a more efficient operation.

Continuous Engineering

Create a system around your people, processes and information.

Smarter Planning & Operations

Take an analytics-driven approach to manufacturing.

Product Quality & Asset Optimization

Predict and prevent problems before they happen.

Digital Supply Chain

Transform business models with the IoT platform.

Transform Automotive Retail

Stay competitive in the automotive industry by gaining a deeper understanding of your customer and how to engage them in meaningful ways.

Consumer Intelligence & Engagement

Understand your customer with deeper consumer intelligence.

Smarter Automotive Commerce

Engage your customers 1-on-1.

Local Motors creates new mobility option with self-driving AI vehicle

“I had an experience travelling through the Washington D.C. area with my father who is in a wheelchair. I could sense he was nervous about being in a wheelchair in an unfamiliar environment. I knew that I could also do something to provide my father and others like him with a new sense of security while travelling.”

—Hugh Palmer, Vice President of Product Management, Local Motors

Welcome to the new industrial revolution

Prevent problems and optimize uptime with the power of Industry 4.0 and IBM.


Blockchain for mobility services

As people move from one vehicle to another, their personal information and preferences need to follow them. Blockchain can address many of the challenges new types of personal mobility present.


Digital twin technologies for high-performance manufacturing

Find out how digital twin technology creates real-time interactive simulations of work in progress to help manufacturers improve innovation, efficiency and quality.

image of Daimler Trucks puts developers in driver’s seat


Daimler Trucks puts developers in driver’s seat

See how Daimler Trucks North America is speeding application deployment using UrbanCode Deploy.


A new relationship—people and cars in the United States

Consumers are ready for innovation and new mobility options, and their expectations are changing.

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