Business challenge

The pressure to innovate and control costs has never been higher and affects insurers and insurtech firms. Executives are challenged to navigate a steady stream of technical advances and determine which will provide return on investment, low cost of ownership and data security - all while meeting demanding customer expectations.

Solution approach

IBM intelligent solutions with insurance analytics and cloud models can unlock the future for insurers. Innovate at lower cost, modernize and meet regulatory requirements. Experts from IBM are your guide to reinvention.

Drive change in your organization

Insurance industry platforms and blockchain are changing the way insurers do business, respond to customer expectations and develop new product offerings. We provide the solutions and guidance to facilitate change and innovation, control costs and transform your business.

IBM Insurance Platform
Thrive in a disrupted marketplace. The IBM Insurance Platform brings together everything you need to reduce costs and develop true risk value. Engage new customers, optimize operations and scale on cloud.

Understand blockchain use cases and become familiar with technology that helps automate smart contracts. Reduce administration in a secure, permissioned environment between two partners or within an insurance consortium.

No insurer wants to make the news about risk and security shortcomings. Inefficiency also poses risks to profit.

Insurers need to focus on basic security and a defense strategy to predict where the next attack could occur. No longer just a problem for the CSO, security is a key concern for the board and CEO. IBM cybersecurity solutions help predict cyberattack timing and scenarios, which allows you to provide answers to your stakeholders.

IBM Security
IBM Security solutions work together to prevent and repair the damage cyber attacks can impose on your enterprise.

Robotic process automation (RPA)
Automate and optimize any business process that has structured digital data by using RPA. Learn what RPA is and how it help insurers. 

Digital transformation is the order of the day

Everything from core modernization, cognitive underwriting and cloud acceleration to data center transformation is part of engineering competitive advantage for large and small insurers.

Financial crimes insight for insurance
Digitization means there is more opportunity for fraud but also better processes to counter it. Detect and prevent fraud to help your bottom line with analytics on a platform capable of learning.  

Customer insight can drive engagement

Expand what you know about customers and how you can serve them with cognitive capabilities for sales and service including virtual agent, call center and mobile solutions.

Watson Conversation
Expand your ability to answer customer, partner and employee questions with chatbots and virtual agents. Quickly deploy and integrate them with multiple social and messaging channels with Watson Conversation.

Our industry platforms are designed in collaboration with our clients and partners and intended to dramatically improve traditional business models using deep industry expertise and advanced technologies such as AI, cloud and blockchain.

—Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Industry Platforms

Innovation for insurance

American International Group, Inc.

American International Group, Inc.

AIG uses blockchain for smart insurance contracts.

AIG, IBM and Standard Chartered Bank partnered to develop the first multinational smart contract insurance policy.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

An enterprise-wide view of risk management.

Nationwide consolidates its applications to manage risk and regulatory change across the enterprise.

News and events

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