What is IBM Compose for MySQL?

IBM Compose for MySQL is a fast, easy-to-use, and flexible RDBMS. As the central component of the LAMP model, it sports a number of connectors, including Python, PHP and C++ for development needs. MySQL is a popular choice because of its flexibility and vast supported ecosystem.

Compose for MySQL features

Primary key

Compose for MySQL uses the MySQL Group Replication technology to create our highly available cluster. Group replication requires that every table has a unique primary key — integer, UUID or string — to ensure that replication works reliably.

InnoDB storage engine

Compose for MySQL uses the InnoDB storage engine by default which includes JSON document support as a native data type.

Deployment configuration

A standard MySQL deployment consists of a three-node cluster, and one HAproxy portal to serve as a proxy and provide SSL support to the cluster. Each data node has 1GB of storage and 102MB of memory. The HAproxy portal has 64MB of memory.

Compose for MySQL versions

Fully-Managed MySQL

Everything you need to run MySQL right out of the box.

Compose Enterprise

Compose Enterprise provides an isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision Compose databases with added security required by enterprise compliance, while using dedicated networking.

What is the best way to get started with Compose for MySQL now?

Deploy a production-ready, cloud-hosted MySQL database in just minutes