What is Compose for Elasticsearch?

IBM Compose for Elasticsearch gives Elasticsearch even more power with an easy, auto-scaling deployment system that delivers high availability and redundancy, automated no-stop backups and much more.

Compose for Elasticsearch features


All Compose database deployments offer daily logging and real-time memory usage metrics from the Compose console. The Elasticsearch console includes a data browser and editor which lets authorized users access and modify the database from the web.

Platform Security

Security at the database level is made up of many small features: SSL incoming connections with certificate confirmation, IP whitelisting, and mandatory creation of users with passwords ensure the Elasticsearch database is ready for the Internet.


Every Elasticsearch deployment is built as an HA cluste red configuration. Three master/data nodes are available, with multiple HTTPS enabled HAproxy capsules routing incoming connections. Failover can occur within the nodes and within the HAproxies.

Compose for Elasticsearch versions

Fully-managed Elasticsearch

Everything you need to run a performance-ready Elasticsearch database, fully-managed and cloud-hosted.

Compose Enterprise

Compose enterprise provides a private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision Compose databases with added security and isolation required by enterprise compliance while using ded

What is the best way to get started with Elasticsearch now?

Deploy a production-ready, cloud-hosted Elasticsearch database in just minutes with just a few clicks on IBM Cloud.