Use cases

Deploy your source code

Cube with blue outlines

Deploy your source code

Develop in your choice of language and then “push” your source code to the cloud without worrying about creating or managing containers. Easily connect your code to managed services such as object storage, databases or event streams.

Run a container

Four blue squares connected

Run a container

Already have a container image? IBM Cloud Code Engine will deploy, manage and autoscale it for you. No cluster administration, sizing or overprovisioning worries. You pay only for what you actually use.

Create batch jobs

Circles and lines in rows

Create batch jobs

Batch jobs are ideal for nonevent-driven processing – such as ETL workloads, simulations and AI data model processing. Create powerful run-to-completion batch jobs with infinite scale-out (CPU, memory, execution time) and pay only for the resources you need.



Work seamlessly with Kubernetes

Run web apps, microservices, batch jobs, data processing or machine learning workloads.


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