Collaborate with ease

Data scientists, data analysts, engineers and knowledge workers can easily collaborate in one workspace to explore, model, predict and deliver results more efficiently.

Webinar: Unleash the power of text analytics on your dark data

See how you can use text data to achieve new outcomes for your organization. Help your data science teams discover insight from document collections more productively. This webinar includes a demo of the IBM Watson® Explorer for Data Science Experience.


Icon representing the explore-and-learn capability of IBM Data Science Experience

Explore and learn

Use Jupyter notebooks with Python, R and Scala. Code or use drag-and-drop tools. Master R with a free, open-source RStudio tool. Explore and analyze with Watson Explorer. Learn from IBM’s rich community, tutorials and industry experts.

Icon representing the model-and-evaluate capability of IBM Data Science Experience

Model and evaluate

Build and optimize models using the top open-source tools (Scikit-learn, XGBoost, Spark MLlib, TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras and MXNet) alongside the IBM Watson Machine Learning engine.

Icon representing the deploy-and-predict capability of IBM Data Science Experience

Deploy and predict

Develop and deploy where you want, whether you need to develop behind the firewall or in the cloud. Deploy on your private cloud or IBM’s public cloud. Scale on demand with Apache Spark.

Icon representing the monitor-and-measure capability of IBM Data Science Experience

Monitor and measure

Measure the performance and results of your models with built-in performance monitoring. Demonstrate your impact and results with ease.

IBM Data Science Experience

A leading data science platform ranked by Gartner

Bring IBM Data Science Experience to your private cloud. Secure your models, data and results on your own servers and customize the experience for your company. Run it on your own clusters using the same open-source tools you love. Collaborate more easily for faster, better results.


IBM Data Science Experience on premises or on the cloud

An on-premises, private or public cloud solution that provides a collaborative machine-learning platform for teams to explore, model and deploy data solutions, using the top open-source tools.

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS

An on-premises machine-learning solution that extracts hidden value from enterprise data. Quickly ingest and transform data to create, deploy and manage high-accuracy self-learning models, using IBM z Systems® data.

IBM SPSS® Modeler

A graphical analytics platform for users of all skill levels to deploy insights at scale with a wide range of algorithms and capabilities such as text analytics, geospatial analysis and optimization

IBM Watson Explorer

A machine learning-powered content analytics and cognitive search platform that provides users with access to actionable insights from all the data and helps achieve better business outcomes.


Introducing IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition

Discover how to apply the power of machine learning on all of your data to gain competitive advantage.

What Can IBM Watson Explorer Do for You?

Learn how organizations across industries have used IBM Watson Explorer to make smart business decisions with confidence.

IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition solution brief

Get an overview of the machine-learning-powered features of the new IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition.

IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition white paper

Examine the powerful machine-learning capabilities of IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition in detail.

Case studies

Ahus gains new insights with Watson Explorer to deliver high-quality health

Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) is using Watson Explorer, together with partner Capgemini, to analyze thousands of radiology repots to confirm that teams are following best practices, helping maintain high healthcare standards.

Real-time content analytics helps call centers serve customers effectively

Mizuho Bank Ltd. drives customer interactions effectively and reduces customer handling time with the help of the real-time natural language processing capabilities of IBM Watson Explorer.