Strengthen database performance and prepare for AI endeavors

To use the volume and variety of data in your enterprise for competitive gain, you need a modern database management system.

IBM database management solutions let you integrate data from different sources across on-premises and cloud environments. They support multiple languages and frameworks to buoy AI initiatives and feature natural language querying and machine learning to deliver efficiencies.

IBM databases are available on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a data and AI platform that integrates data management and analytics across any cloud.

Why IBM for database management

Hybrid, multicloud

Add an IBM database to IBM Cloud Pak® for Data for a unified enterprise data platform that runs across any cloud.

Faster querying

Gain optimized performance and well-executed queries with IBM BLU Acceleration® technology and AI enhancements.

Scalable and available

Access your data through multiple hosts for extreme capacity and continuous availability through IBM pureScale®.

Database management products

IBM Db2 Database

An on-premises relational database management system with advanced capabilities to support transactional workloads

IBM Db2 on Cloud

A fully managed SQL cloud database with robust security, high availability and flexible scaling

IBM Informix®

An embeddable database designed to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data

IBM Db2 for z/OS

An on-premises database that runs on IBM z/OS®, delivering mainframe security, scalability, availability and power

Open source databases

Choices that combine the portability of open source with enterprise data management capabilities

IBM Db2 tools

A suite of management tools that support integrated design, development, testing, monitoring, migration and administration


Hear how Owens-Illinois switched from Oracle to IBM Db2® and saw seven-figure reductions in total cost of ownership and at least 20 - 30% performance improvements in transactional response time.


Data management leaders

See why IBM is listed as a leader in The Forrester Wave:™ Data Management Analytics, Q1 2020.

Choosing a deployment model

Understand the differences between database deployment models so you can choose what is best for your business.

IBM Common SQL Engine

Underlying the Db2 family of products, the Common SQL Engine gives you write-once, query-anywhere capabilities.

The power of AI in data management

Explore the symbiotic relationship between data management and AI, and how it can improve your business.

Injecting data science into Db2

Read what Forbes has to say about IBM’s injection of AI into the Db2 database.

Hybrid data management community

Connect with other database management experts to share insights and solve problems.

Engage with an expert

Set up a no-cost, one-on-one call with IBM to explore database management.