What is fast data?

Fast data is real-time data that typically comes in from streaming — such as through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and event-driven applications — and is analyzed quickly to make rapid business decisions. In a recent study by Forrester, more than 75 percent of companies surveyed already use fast data solutions. Of those surveyed, 88 percent indicated they need to perform analytics in near real-time on stored streamed data. See a summary of the study’s data in the Forrester infographic, The Future Of Data, Make It Fast (PDF, 453 KB).

IBM provides a real-time database for fast data, with built in real-time analytics, AI and machine-learning tools for concurrent analysis of real-time and historical data. This approach allows businesses to take full advantage of fast data for deeper yet quicker insights.

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In the spotlight

Fast data products from IBM

IBM Db2 Event Store

Respond faster with real-time analytics coupled with machine learning using this high speed database for IOT and streamed event data.

IBM Fast Data Platform

Detect and act on events with all the essential tools to build, run and monitor event-driven, streamed applications and microservices — infused with AI and machine learning. IBM has teamed with Lightbend to deliver a platform that can rapidly capture and analyze large volumes of data in real time. The platform includes IBM Watson® Studio and database support for data science and AI applications.

IBM Streams

Available on premises or on IBM Cloud, IBM Streams helps you analyze continuously available data from all sources to discover opportunities faster. Leverage the connector between IBM Streams and IBM Db2 Event Store for data persistence with super-fast object storage.


Thanks to our IBM solution, we should be able to provide timely advice to help people better manage their diabetes — potentially avoiding hospital visits, improving quality of life, and reducing the cost of care …. ”

— Huzefa Neemuchwala, Head of Data and Informatics Innovation, Diabetes Services and Solutions, Medtronic


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