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IBM Cloud makes it easier to bind your web app to IBM Watson® services by relieving the pain around security, scale and infrastructure management.

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No-cost start with scalability in mind

Start using IBM Cloud™ at no cost. When your needs change, go beyond the initial level of web hosting and pay only for what you use with predictable billing.

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Global reach and performance

Nearly 60 global data centers provide web hosting compute choices across bare metal and virtual servers, PaaS, containers and serverless. These powerful servers with low latency allow support in demanding areas like gaming, ad tech and high-performance computing.

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Flexible languages and frameworks

Using Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes, you can launch a web application in the language of your choice in minutes—Node.js, Java, Python or others. IBM Cloud supports your preferred languages and tools.

Use these step-by-step tutorials

Build a scalable web app on Kubernetes

Gain hands-on experience creating a Java web application and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster.

Set up a continuous delivery pipeline for containerized applications

Learn to establish an efficient workflow for application delivery in a Kubernetes container-orchestration environment.

Deploy a LAMP stack using Terraform

Become skilled using Terraform to provision a LAMP stack, including a Linux virtual server with Apache web server, MySQL and PHP.

Build a web application using a MEAN stack

Take a scalable, flexible and modular application from a local database to the cloud in a few simple steps.

Analyze logs and monitor health of a Cloud Foundry application

Get hands-on experience using a log analysis service to monitor the health of and diagnose problems with a Python-based Cloud Foundry application running in the cloud.

Deploy WordPress on a LAMP-based virtual server

Learn how to use the LAMP stack while exploring a key enterprise deployment option for the WordPress content management platform.

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