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Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a fully managed confidential compute container runtime that enables the deployment of sensitive containerized workloads in a highly isolated environment with technical assurance.

With cloud migration and virtualization, cloud native applications benefit from scalability, flexibility and resiliency. However, security still remains a top concern. Cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, all while regulations and policies are constantly changing, enforcing data protection within the full lifecycle.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for VPC protects instances in all states within the data lifecycle: at-rest, in-transit, and now in use, with confidential computing. Unique to the market, it utilizes IBM Secure Execution for Linux to enhance data protection to achieve data privacy and protection over containerized workloads with sensitive data or business intellectual property (IP).

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Run containerized workloads with full control Protection in all stages of the data lifecycle

Protect sensitive data when in-use; achieve data confidentiality and workload integrity by ensuring that no unauthorized access to your data is possible - not even by the IBM Cloud admin.

Bring your own OCI image

Use any open-container initiative (OCI) image and gain all the benefits of a confidential computing solution for an additional level of protection. One application, no code change.

Full control over your data and code

Apply Zero Trust principles from workload development to deployment through an encrypted contract concept. Rigorous authentication and authorization process for complete control of data and environment.

How we provide confidential computing capabilities for enterprises at-scale
Multi-party contract and attestation of deployment

Through encrypted contract, different personas can provide their contribution while ensuring no access to the data, integrity of workloads and environments. The deployment can be human audited through a signed and encrypted attestation record to certify integrity

Confidential computing technologies for strong separation of processes and data access The Hyper Protect platform provides a secure application workload runtime with technical isolation. It leverages IBM® Secure Execution for Linux to provide scalable isolation for individual workloads and protect from external attacks and insider threats.
Additional features Technical assurance

Workloads are locked down by individual, instance level secure boundaries. Technical assurance that unauthorized users - including IBM Cloud admin - will not be able to access the environment and the data.

Bring your own key for data encryption

By integrating with IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services’ key management service (KMS), encryption protection and data control are enhanced with the option to bring your own key.

Malware protection

Hyper Protect Secure Build is designed to allow developers to securely build and sign containerized workload images in a trusted environment and deploy into an HPVS secure enclave, preventing malicious code from entering production environments.

Flexible deployment

Choose from a variety of profile sizes and scale as needed to protect containerized applications and pay- as-you-go on an hourly basis.

Compliance and audit support

Enhance data security posture to comply to regulations such as GDPR, DORA and HIPPA; IRAP, SOC2 Type 1 and ISO certifications.

Base container images for confidential computing

Access the SLE BCI registry (SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images) which provides a large set of security-hardened and certified base container images.

Deploy multiple Open Container Initiatives (OCI) containers in one enclave

Deploy multiple microservices within a single secure enclave.

Deploy in IBM Cloud Data Centers worldwide

Leverage the IBM Cloud Data Centers in London, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

Protect confidentiality and integrity of data Isolate and make private sensitive code and confidential AI

Be ready to respond to new demands on data led by the growing adoption of AI. Ensure that any data, AI models and insights are protected with confidential computing and technical assurance, from creation to customization, even when the operation is outside your direct control.

Protect sensitive data in highly regulated industries

Ensure data and access protection through encrypted contracts and attestation. Secure sensitive data and digital assets to help companies in highly regulated industries achieve compliance and end-users trust.

Operate with the scale and speed of containerization on the cloud

Operate containerized applications with the certainty that the application is always secured, with workload integrity and data confidentiality. With the Hyper Protect layer you will be secured against attacks on all levels of the stack.

Customer stories UKISS Technology

UKISS Technology uses IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for VPC to promote the self-custody of digital assets.


Opollo uses Hyper Protect Virtual Servers to ensure that patients’ health data remains safe.


METACO Leverages Hyper Protect Services to secure its integrated Digital Asset Management Solution.


DIA uses IBM Cloud and confidential computing to help secure its decentralized financial information platform.


Hyper protect provides secure infrastructure for an innovative Mobility-as-a-Service platform (MaaS) in which users can pursue a frictionless mobility experience.


Guardian leverages Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for their highly secure, dynamic Web3 infrastructure.

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IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Server for VPC

Hyper Protect Virtual Servers for VPC allows customers to protect their workloads with instances running in secure boundaries. The product also offers attestation and signing procedures. Learn more about this in the introductory video.

Hyper Protect Platform white paper

Discover the approach taken by the Hyper Protect Platform to provide the bases for end-to-end secure environments.

How to provision an Hyper Protect Virtual Server instance

Learn about IBM® Secure Execution; discover the concepts behind the technology, how to setup and secure your workloads.

IBM Secure Execution for Linux

Learn about IBM® Secure Execution; discover the concepts behind the technology, how to setup and secure your workloads.

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