IBM Cloud takes the win on big data

in third-party test by Principled Technologies

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Compare, contrast and save

Each cloud has its limit. Our limit is a little bit further than others.


IBM Cloud

  • 11M+ bare metal configurations

  • Customizable RAM and SSDs on bare metal

  • On-demand provisioning for all servers

  • VMware and SAP integration

  • NVIDIA GPU options for bare metal and virtual servers
  • Management and monitoring included

  • Direct and cost-free tech support

The competition*

  • Limited bare metal configurations

  • No customizable bare metal

  • Restricted F2F provisioning only

  • Limited software integration

  • NVIDIA GPUs on virtual servers only

  • Limited availability of cost-free management and monitoring

  • Tiered and charged tech support

Save on servers

30+ customizable configurations, bare metal or virtual, cost-free for 60 days**


IBM Cloud

  • 48k max IOPS for block

  • Lower cost block and file for high I/O workloads

  • Open snapshots and replication

  • Flex deployment for unstructured data

  • Highest capacity per-dollar portable storage device

The competition

  • 32k max IOPS for block

  • Higher cost block and file for high I/O workloads

  • Snapshots and replication for object storage only

  • No flex deployment for unstructured data

  • Lower capacity per-dollar portable storage devices

Save on storage

Block or file, .25, 2, 4 or 10 IOPS, cost-free for 60 days***

Network, data transfer and bandwidth costs

IBM Cloud

  • Integrated global private network

  • Uninterrupted server communication

  • Fastest DNS and CDN with CloudFlare services

  • Unlimited private network bandwidth for all servers

  • Unlimited inbound public bandwidth on all cloud servers

  • 250-GB-per-month outbound public bandwidth for monthly virtual servers

  • 500-GB-per-month outbound public bandwidth for monthly bare metal servers

The competition

  • Limited internal networking

  • Restricted to select regions

  • Limited integration with leading network partners

  • Transfer fees between servers

  • Per GB charges across all bandwidth used per month

Save on network services

Six performance and security services, one simple plan, backed by CloudFlare AnyCast, cost-free early access

Your data. Where you need it.

Each IBM Cloud data center around the globe is built on IBM’s 2.6k+ Gbps global network backbone. And now, with the addition of CloudFlare, IBM Cloud delivers extremely fast DNS, DDoS protection, WAF and GLB capabilities worldwide, otherwise provided by several third-party vendors.

Graphic of world map showing IBM Cloud data centers with CloudFlare

Try the best of IBM Cloud — cost-free

Save 50% on IBM Cloud virtual and bare metal servers, or try block storage and file storage cost-free for 60 days.


*Comparison based on IBM Cloud's internal analysis of top cloud providers' published specifications of bare metal servers, virtual servers, block storage, file storage, object storage, mass storage services, and network and internet services as of 23 April 2018. Cloud providers analyzed based on market leadership as of 1 January 2018.

**Offer valid while supplies last. All six promotions listed will expire on 1 August 2018. These promotions cannot be combined on the same order form with other promos or offers. Valid on new or existing customer accounts. The promotions are limited to one per account. Use the promotional code at the time of checkout to apply the discounts listed in the promotions. The promotions are limited to the monthly billed applicable servers only. Hourly billed servers will not be discounted. Sixty days after the activation of the promotion, the discount will no longer apply and the customer will be billed the full amount, unless the applicable configurations are cancelled. The 50% discount applies to the IBM Cloud list price. Additional exclusions may apply.

***Offer ends 1 September 2018. Promo offer valid for signup while supplies last. Upon signup, promo offer is valid for two months. Customer will accrue standard billing charges if the volume is not canceled after two months. Valid on new volumes only and cannot be applied to existing customer discounts. Customer cannot divide the 1 TB volume into two 500 GB volumes. Promo not applicable to expandable volumes or adjustable IOPS feature usage.