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How web hosting on IBM Cloud works

Dedicated, security-rich IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers enable you to deploy and scale enterprise web hosting solutions tailored to your exact specifications, with over 11 million configurations. All inbound and outbound traffic on the IBM Cloud private network is unlimited and offered between any IBM Cloud data center worldwide — at no charge.


Web hosting on IBM Cloud is:


Key use cases for web hosting on IBM Cloud

Clustered solutions

Customize your web hosting servers by choosing from over 11 million configurations and single, dual or quad Intel processors.

Reliable content streaming

Stream large files and videos with a global, premium network designed for low latency, high bandwidth and high redundancy.

Uncomplicated scaling

Web hosting needs can fluctuate. Hourly IBM Cloud bare metal servers support on-demand provisioning in 30 minutes or less.

Client stories

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Tegsoft used IBM Cloud to help customers get their contact centers operational in less than 20 minutes.

TimeTrade, Inc., chose IBM Cloud to scale its appointment booking solutions to support its global customers.

Techwave migrated their customers’ infrastructures to IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers to provide agility, performance and scalability.

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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 toward your web hosting server.


*20 TB bandwidth included in US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.