What is IBM Cloud Certificate Manager?

The IBM Cloud Certificate Manager service helps you manage and deploy SSL/TLS certificates for your apps and services. Certificate Manager provides you with a secure repository for your certificates and their associated private keys, and helps prevent outages by sending you notifications when your certificates are about to expire.

Certificate Manager features

Secure certificate repository

Import third-party-issued certificates for use with your IBM Cloud apps and service and store them securely. Configure access controls and audit usage.

Integration with IBM Cloud Services

Easily and securely deploy certificates to IBM Cloud endpoints. Certificate Manager is integrated with IBM Cloud Container Service, and provides APIs to retrieve certificates for other targets.

Expiry notifications

Get alerted when your certificates are about to expire.

Certificate Manager benefits

Secure certificate and key management

Certificate Manager protects the private keys used with your certificates. Certificates and keys are stored encrypted, and key-management best practices are used.

Protect and secure apps with SSL/TLS

Configuring SSL/TLS for your apps enables you to protect data in transit. SSL/TLS provides encryption of data in transit, and ensures that data is sent between trusted entities.

Avoid outages

Outages often occur when either public-facing or internal certificates expire. Notifications help remind you to renew and deploy certificates on time.

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